Grid-tie Inverters on extension cords – NOT

My Advanced Energy GC-1000 grid tie inverter was not happy on the yellow extension cord I used to get it on-line.  It kept going off on an over current error.  I figure the resistance in the worn out plugs on the cord were to blame.  I ran a piece of #12-2 Romex over to the outlet on the pole I have in my yard and installed a new plug on it.  The inverter is happy now with this temporary arrangement.  I installed a standard power meter so I can monitor the output from the inverter.  I disconnected tracker #2 from the inverter and ran a pair or #8 thhn copper wires 120 feet to the main system in the garage.  My T-80 charge controller is showing 70-80 amps at solar noon now.


Here is the GC-1000 grid-tie inverter.  Advanced Energy is now out of business.


Here is the meter.  The new springs were installed today also. 


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