Very nice SOLAR HARVEST week here.

  With temperatures in the 60-70 degree range this week solar power production has been excellent.  The cooler daytime temps and bright blue skys let the Photovoltaic Modules produce a decent amount of power.


This is a 5 o’clock picture looking east this week. Tracker #2 has some shading from the HV powerline support pole just to the west.  It’s not an issue until after 4PM so it’s not a real problem. Maxumim solar production is between 10AM and 3PM in most locations.  My roof-top arrays stop making power around 3:30PM in the fall & winter months.

My problem is I now have more PV power than I can process at the present.  MY 80 amp Apollo Charge controller is full during peak solar hours this fall.


We are buying around 25KWH per day average from the power company this fall and producing the rest with PV.

I’m still working on the new solar installation upgrade project which includes remodeling the back of the garage to build a “solar power wall” to hold all the solar related equipment.  My new electronics workshop is also going to be part of the remodel project on the other side of the solar wall.


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