FEDEX made a mistake. PERIOD.

  I ordered a new hard drive for my laptop from my favorite on-line computer store, ZIPZOOMFLY.  FREE FEDEX ground shipping!  What a deal, they are one of two places I ever buy from on-line anymore.  This time I opted for 2 day delivery for a $2.99 fee as the hard drive in my laptop was barking out SMART errors.  I never got the drive, FEDEX sent it back, I got charged 15% restocking fee and lost my shipping charge.  As I see it FEDEX OWES ME $15 damn dollars!  The report says “INCORRECT ADDRESS”. THIS IS A DAMN LIE!  Here is the tracking information:


You can see from this the driver was lost and I’m suppose to pay?

When I filed a claim online all this information came up AUTOMATICALLY!  I did not enter a single piece of data.  My valid shipping address AND MY PHONE NUMBER!  FEDEX never called nor ever sent the package back to me, WHAT A SCAM!


It’s been over three months and FEDEX never contacted me.  I called them this week and the (very rude) lady I talked with said there was no claim filed on-line.  THE BASTARDS DELETED IT THAT’S WHY!  I got really mad at her, I wanted the name of the person in the TAMPA FEDEX Office that was able to accept LEGAL PAPERS as I was going to file a small claim against FEDEX.  She wouldn’t give a name or number that I could have a small claim filed at.  She told me I needed to FAX my claim in so I asked her if she was allowed to give me the FAX number or was than not allowed?

The way I see it, FEDEX owes me $15.  Either they pay-up or I will file a small claim, complete with an invoice for my time, any legal expenses and any court filing fees.  I’m doing this on Principal.  They tried to “BLOW ME OFF” and I’m taking a stand.  I would not be suprised if this $15 ends up costing them over $1000 before it’s all said and done.




  1. I have been having the same luck with fedex, they damaged my $400 wakeboard and I to filed a claim online, which a week later they didnt have. then call after call, day after day I have been dealing with them for a month and now i just talked to the exutive assistant and she is looking into it. I had to ask to speak to a manager FOUR TIMES before they would transfer me. I too am going to take them to small claims court on August, 11th. I will not be using FEDEX again. GO DHL

  2. wizbandit Says:

    After a lot of hoops I was told the claim had to be FAXED in, go figure, why even have online claim filing?

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