Thanksgiving in the Caribbean

Our long planned cruise Thanksgiving week was a good time for all.  Cruisers included myself, my 86 year old dad, his long time friend Peter Depew, my 17 year old son Michael, my brother Brian and his young wife.  Leaving the house and projects for just a week put me behind and I have just now started to catch up, one being this blog update.

grand-cayman-069-13.jpg  grand-cayman-069-32.jpg  shuttle-to-gc-014.jpg

Mike & I in the Cayman Islands. Our ship, the Carnival LEGEND in the background.


My brother Brian & I with the “fake Capt’n Morgan”.  Why is the rum always gone?

grand-cayman-069-51.jpg    grand-cayman-069-41.jpg

Welcome to “HELL”.  Hell, Cayman Islands. For all those who have told me to “send me a postcard from hell”, at $5 each you can go to Hell and get your own :)-

cozumel-058.jpg    cozumel-059.jpg

Cozumel, Mexico.  Mike & I at the Thirsty Lizzard. NOT Thirsty anymore. Tequila  anyone?


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