FEDEX issued a Check…

Finally I found out Fedex issued a check in the amount of $79.89 to ZIPZOOMFLY !!!  Now ZIPZOOMFLY has cashed the check and didn’t bother to contact me.  Now how screwed up is this?  My claim for for the $2.99 extra shipping for 2nd day and a 15% restocking fee from  comes to just under $15 and Fedex pays THEM for the full amount of the laptop hard drive I ordered that Fedex sent back for no good reason!!!!  No phone numbers for ZIPZOOMFLY, only email.  I submitted a letter via their web site this morning to see if I can get my money.  Now only about $15 of the $79.89 is mine so now what do I do?  How much hassle is it going to be for me to get Fedex back the difference that is rightfully theirs?  I will persist untill all parties receive their due.

Check # 2678502 from Fedex was cashed by

ZIPZOOMFLY on 12-4-2007.

 10005073  SEAGATE ST9120822A 120GB PATA/IDE 5400 RPM 8MB HD $79.89
  Sub Total:  $79.89 
  Discount:  $0.00 
  Sales Tax:  $0.00 
  Shipping:  $2.99 
  ORDER TOTAL:  $82.88 


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