PHEV Conversion #80? something continues…

The past few days were spent building the rear electronics and battery jumpers.  I decided to use two PVC J-Boxes to house the pair of HV contactors & control board.  The second J-Box will house the regen-diode, 60 amp DC fuse and a cooling fan operated by the control board.

Here is the first box.


The second box is not complete yet, I still have to install the fuse holder and diode on its heat sink.


Now, copper terminal lugs for #8 wire are not cheap.  I went to Home Depot Sunday to get 40 of them and decided a dollar each for copper bolt type was a bit too much.  The crimp version was even more expensive at over $1.50 each.  I opted to make my own.

I used #8 THHN stranded wire and 1/4″ soft copper tubing.  I cut the tubing into 3/4″ pieces and slide them onto the skinned ends of the wire after applying a liberal coat of rosin flux.  I then used vise-grips to flatten the tubing onto the wire.

mvc-790f.jpg  mvc-791f.jpg  mvc-792f.jpg

I then used a big soldering gun to flow solder into the crimp.


I used a hand drill to drill a small 1/8″ pilot hole in the center of the new terminal. Next I clamped it in a drill vise and drilled it out to 3/16″ to fit the battery terminal bolt.

mvc-794f.jpg  mvc-797f.jpg

The finished jumper after a bit of touch-up on the grinder and wire brush.

mvc-798f.jpg  mvc-799f.jpg

These bolt up nice and cost a lot less.


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