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Finally… I got my $14.98

Posted in Problems on February 20, 2008 by wizbandit

Yea, what a trip.  FEDEX paid ZIPZOOMFLY $79.89 and I got paid $14.98 credit to my PayPal account.  I swear.  I sure am glad these two are not running for PRESIDENT because I would have to vote for one of them.


Prius PHEV Finishing Touches

Posted in PHEV on February 15, 2008 by wizbandit


I found a great aluminum mount for the added CAN-View touch control screen. Contact me if you want one or more.  I bolted it to the center plastic kick-plate, it has two screws (the plastic plate) that holds it pretty well to the dash metal framework.  It will bounce just a little with a bump but not much at all using the touch screen.

mvc-815f.jpg   mvc-814f.jpg   mvc-813f.jpg

The 260VDC battery charger is coming along nicely, I have the battery temperature sensor circuit working and the power control circuit as well.  I just need to breadboard the voltage and current sensors opamp interface.


PriusPlus Conversion at:

PHEV Conversion #90? something almost done…

Posted in PHEV on February 7, 2008 by wizbandit

UPDATE 05/12/08: Yes, so far we made the TOP 100 PHEV list, we are so far Number 98.

I spent last Saturday & Sunday finishing up the PHEV conversion.  It went pretty slow but it sure is great to actually enjoy the finished product.  I still have some minor things to do but the Orlando Hamfest is this coming weekend so they will have to wait until next week.

First I finished installing the HV contactor enclosure and the regen-diode/ 60A @ 500VDC saftey fuse.  I got it from McMaster-Carr, $22 for the fuse and about $15 for the holder. BUSS J60060-1CR for the holder and the fuse is a AMP-TRAP 2000 with “smart spot” AJT60 from Ferraz-Shawmut, a very nice combo.

  mvc-808f.jpg  mvc-810f.jpg  

The red Anderson connector is to the HV Battery Charger which I’m building right now. Here is a picture of the full PHEV battery pack and control boxes.  The battery I chose was the AGM 18Ah Battery from MK, part of East Penn / Deka company


I whipped up a temporary battery charger to use until I get the MPU controlled system built.  It runs right off the 120VAC line using a voltage doubler with the current limited by the capacitors.  I use a fan speed control to set the float voltage.  It works okay but I want to properly charge the AGM batteries with the Bulk/Absorb/Float method as recommended. Charge current is about 4.5A @ 50% DOD and tappers to 1A @ 90% Charge, not bad for a non-intelligent charger.


The real-deal will look like this:


As soon as I hear back on my “official” conversion number I will update this section.

mvc-807f.jpg   mvc-806f.jpg

Prius Conversion #2 coming Summer 2008.