PHEV Conversion #90? something almost done…

UPDATE 05/12/08: Yes, so far we made the TOP 100 PHEV list, we are so far Number 98.

I spent last Saturday & Sunday finishing up the PHEV conversion.  It went pretty slow but it sure is great to actually enjoy the finished product.  I still have some minor things to do but the Orlando Hamfest is this coming weekend so they will have to wait until next week.

First I finished installing the HV contactor enclosure and the regen-diode/ 60A @ 500VDC saftey fuse.  I got it from McMaster-Carr, $22 for the fuse and about $15 for the holder. BUSS J60060-1CR for the holder and the fuse is a AMP-TRAP 2000 with “smart spot” AJT60 from Ferraz-Shawmut, a very nice combo.

  mvc-808f.jpg  mvc-810f.jpg  

The red Anderson connector is to the HV Battery Charger which I’m building right now. Here is a picture of the full PHEV battery pack and control boxes.  The battery I chose was the AGM 18Ah Battery from MK, part of East Penn / Deka company


I whipped up a temporary battery charger to use until I get the MPU controlled system built.  It runs right off the 120VAC line using a voltage doubler with the current limited by the capacitors.  I use a fan speed control to set the float voltage.  It works okay but I want to properly charge the AGM batteries with the Bulk/Absorb/Float method as recommended. Charge current is about 4.5A @ 50% DOD and tappers to 1A @ 90% Charge, not bad for a non-intelligent charger.


The real-deal will look like this:


As soon as I hear back on my “official” conversion number I will update this section.

mvc-807f.jpg   mvc-806f.jpg

Prius Conversion #2 coming Summer 2008.


2 Responses to “PHEV Conversion #90? something almost done…”

  1. Iam just an onlooker. I am not involved in a conversion, but I have been very interested in the wonderful work y’all are doing. I first got interested after I read an article about a guy in Arkansas converting his 1992 Accord to an electric car and looked for information about that on the Internet. I did not find that but found EVs and finally PHEVs.

    Few cars are garaged here and we get a lot of sun. I had this notion about EVs or PHEVs with solar panels built into the hood, roof and deck charging batteries while the cars stood in the driveway or in the parking lot at work. What prompted this email is the solar collectors bracketing your car in a couple of photos. Do I assume correctly that they are used to charge the batteries in your car?

    Thank you for your comprehensive coverage of your conversion on this website. I think you converters are performing a wonderful service. I just wish the government and auto makers would get on board.

    Hank Macknee
    Durham, NC

  2. Great Post.Good Content, I like your post very much, It is useful for me.

    Thank you

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