Prius PHEV Finishing Touches


I found a great aluminum mount for the added CAN-View touch control screen. Contact me if you want one or more.  I bolted it to the center plastic kick-plate, it has two screws (the plastic plate) that holds it pretty well to the dash metal framework.  It will bounce just a little with a bump but not much at all using the touch screen.

mvc-815f.jpg   mvc-814f.jpg   mvc-813f.jpg

The 260VDC battery charger is coming along nicely, I have the battery temperature sensor circuit working and the power control circuit as well.  I just need to breadboard the voltage and current sensors opamp interface.


PriusPlus Conversion at:


One Response to “Prius PHEV Finishing Touches”

  1. Good work Jim!
    Would you consider sharing your circuit/parts list for your voltage doubler battery charger? I’m trying to come up with a charger for a low tech PHEV using Nimh D cells and I think your charger could be a good starting point, The setup I’m using now is unsatisfactory.
    Thanks in advance

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