Well pump from HELL project…

So…  I find out the motor in my 2hp MYERS PUMP is not a standard jet pump motor as evidenced by the FRAME number 56Z.  A replacement motor is neither available quick nor is it very cheap and I have a garden & animals in serious need of water.  It’s off to LOWES to buy a whole new pump to replace this just two year old one, $317 w/tax.

Saturday afternoon was spent removing the old pump and of course new 1 1/2″ PVC was required with some much needed unions to allow a bit quicker replacement next time, there always is a next time with pumps I have discovered.  This 2hp model replaced a 1 1/2hp model which replaced a 1hp model which was put in place of a 3/4hp model over the years as my GPM usage increased.  I got the suction side all hooked up but it was getting late and I needed some more PVC fittings, by the time I got home it was too late to finish so I waited until Sunday to finish up.

I slapped the rest of the output side together, added a few unions then went in and turned on the breaker.  “SNAP!”, it tripped.  I went out and checked the wires, all okay, motor wired for 230VAC, all fine, went back in and threw the breaker again, “SNAP!”.  Dam-it.  Upon closer inspection of the box, it had been tapped 2 times, son-of-a-*itch, some lousy, rotten person had probably hooked it up to the wrong voltage AND FRIED THE MOTOR!  Then, took it back for a refund with a “it’s the wrong one” line. 

I took it back to LOWES and went to the pump section and there were two other 2hp well pumps on the bottom shelf, both had been re-taped.  I didn’t trust them, one had the electric access plate laying in the bottom of the box, this signaled me with “customer return”.  I eventually got the last “NEW” one off the top shelf.

Slapped it in, turned it on, got water.  Other than this, it was a nice weekend, in the 70’s, crystal clear blue skies and a light breeze all day.



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