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Solar Tracker #3 looking good

Posted in Solar Power on April 28, 2008 by wizbandit

I finished the framework for Solar Tracker #3 Sunday and installed my six remaining Kyocera KC-130 PV panels on it. I used RedRock’s LED3X with the reverse inhibit modification and I can report it operates MUCH better than the others do.



Solar Tracker #3 going online this weekend

Posted in Solar Power on April 25, 2008 by wizbandit

I spent a nice day working on the frame work for solar tracker three today.  82 degrees out today, hotter in the direct sun but I took it nice and slow.  The frame is ready for 10 KC-130 Photovoltaic panels.  I still have to mount the tracking controls and dig a trench over to tracker two for the 12 volt control power.


On another note, I lost my part time engineering job at a neighbor’s business due to recession down sizing. If anyone out there needs a good Solar Electric Installer here is my resume.



In the Trenches for SOLAR POWER!

Posted in Solar Power on April 9, 2008 by wizbandit

It’s been a back-breaking week so far, for my Kubota BX24 tractor that is… The trench for the 1 1/2″ PVC main power feeder from the “Solar Farm” was started this week.  As of tonight I’m 90 % done digging the trench 24″ deep and 140 feet long.  I still have to to hand dig under/across the paver sidewalk.  I did manage to find the water main coming from the road to the house, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GRAVEL DRIVEWAY!  I was lucky I saw the ground lifting up and saw the “white root” before I broke it, ONLY 5″ deep to boot.  The contractors slacked, it should be 18″ in the ground, not 5″, and under the darn drive way as well!