Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference

I found out that Ron Gremban was at the AABC in Tampa, FL this week.  Ron, Technology Development Lead for PRIUS+, was moderator of the PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid Conversion Group, and co-founded the Electric Auto Association Plug-In Hybrid project. He led the team that converted the first Prius to plug in, and drives that car daily. An electrical and software engineer involved in sales of solar energy systems, he has long experience with electric cars—he helped design and drive the Caltech entry in the transcontinental 1968 Great Electric Car Race. ( Read more about Ron and his group at )

I drove over to the conference late this afternoon to offer Ron a PHEV ride to the Airport, he gladly accepted.  After the conference and on the ride to Tampa International Airport we chatted briefly about Solar Power, PHEV Battery Charging.

I felt honored to meet and talk with one of the guys directly responsible for my Prius PHEV conversion.


One Response to “Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference”

  1. Pollution: Moving from individual engines to central electricity generating plants would mean a net decrease in overall pollution. Even getting pollution out of our crowded cities would be a gain for public health.
    United States, Japan and Russia currently lead the global ultracapacitor industry, with makers such as Maxwell Technologies Inc. and NEC Corp. occupying the majority of world market. To keep up with their foreign counterparts, mainland China makers are upgrading their production technologies and improving their product quality and R&D.
    Dick Weir, founder and CEO of EEStor, told me a few weeks ago that there would be an announcement soon on permittivity of its barium titanite powder, considered a major benchmark that would trigger future payments to EEStor from ZENN, and I can only assume Kleiner Perkins as well.

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