Apollo T-80 Charge Controller Report

I received my new T80 Firmware on Monday 5/12.  I used the supplied programmer and SD memory card to reprogram my T80 to the latest revision. Everything seemed to go fine, I followed the instructions exactly but when I was told to turn on the PV breaker the T80 failed to come back alive. I called Apollo Solar and they immediately shipped out a replacement which came in Friday 5/16.  I installed it this morning and fired it up.  Today was in the mid 80’s, overcast with dancing full sun bursts all day.  All I can say is wow, whatever changes Apollo Solar made to the MPPT algorithms made a HUGH improvment in power harvesting for my setup.  The most I have recorded is around 16Kwh on a cool day in the 70’s. Today I harvested 24.8Kwh on the T80, a record so far. The Apollo Solar T80 MPPT charge controller is in my opinion the best controller on the market.  I’m looking forward to more testing tomorrow, hopfully more sun than today.



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