Spirit of DC PHEV visit to Tarpon Springs, Florida!

The “Spirit of DC” was here and she brought one Jerry “EVJerr” Asher by for a quick CAN-View repair and fill-up with Electric Juice provided by abundant Florida Sunshine. She had a dead, blank stare, Miss Spirit’s CAN-View V3plus was asleep.  My first diagnoses was correct, somehow the Microprocessors FLASH memory had been corrupted. Having the proper tools here in Tarpon Springs to “re-flash” the MPU’s I told Jerry no problem, well, I thought none.  I downloaded the new firmware codes from the CAN-View site and re-programmed all the MPU’s but she didn’t come back alive.  A quick email to Norm D’, the designer of the famous CAN-View PHEV computer system received a quick response and the means to get the system back working.  If Norm had not been generous with sharing information on the internal workings of his CAN-View project with me last year EVJerr might have well ended his quest only after a brief tour!



Jim Parish (Me) in the white Tee and EVJerry in the blue.

Visit www.SpiritofDC.com to keep track of EVJerr and his journey across America (and now Canada to visit and personally thank Norm!)

I had contacted BayNews9 the evening before about a great news story on “Florida’s Energy Future” utilizing Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Solar Power.  When I called this morning to ask if they were going to come out I was told  no.  Apparently “Powering Florida’s Future with Electric Cars & Solar Power is not Newsworthy”. Tell them how YOU feel, they thrive on viewer feedback.



One Response to “Spirit of DC PHEV visit to Tarpon Springs, Florida!”

  1. Sally Forth Says:

    Well, what do you expect, the name is not spelled correct,
    try http://www.BaySnooze9.com Their parent company probably has ties to the oil companies so they are not allowed to do stories like this. GREAT BLOG! Keep the free electricity flowing!

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