Toyota PRIUS is Subsidizing GAS GUZZLERS ?!?

So you THINK you want to do the right thing for the enviroment.  So you THINK buying a Toyota PRIUS is good for everyone.  Think again. PRIUS “scalping” is in full swing!  Yes, there is a waiting list to be scalped, like sheep to the razor, future PRIUS owners are getting in line for a wallet buzz.

I having been trying to buy another PRIUS Package #2 for months now but I’m not going to be shaved.  The PRIUS is being marked up by thousands of dollars to offset the cost of the slow selling Toyota “Gas-Guzzler” line of vehicles such as the Toyota TUNDRA coming in at a whopping 15MPG city!  My last attempt with a Southwest Florida dealership ended in dismay with a hard-set $1495 over MSRP.  In the local area I was quoted $2995 over MSRP and I was told this morning SOME Florida Toyota dealerships are charging FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS over MSRP!

I offered a dealer to put a big “This Vehicle provide by XYZ Toyota” on the car right near “This Plug-in Hybrid Gets 100+ MPG” but they refused, any Toyota Dealers reading this willing to sell me a PRIUS at MSRP?

With demand rising and supplies falling, Toyota has – surprise! – cut incentives and raised prices. The Prius goes for an average of $25,274, up $869 from a year ago, according to JD Power.


There is NOW WAY you can recover the demand pricing on a PRIUS even if you drive 200 miles a day to work.  You have the LOAN, if you don’t pay cash, the FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE, the INTEREST on the LOAN and remember, YOU NEED TO BUY FOOD!

Don’t even get me started on your Electric Bill, Water Bill, Garbage Pickup and Telephone service on top of a NEW PRIUS to pay for. Oh, don’t forget PROPERTY TAXES!  I will continue this RANT later…


One Response to “Toyota PRIUS is Subsidizing GAS GUZZLERS ?!?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just saw your offer, we are a large Toyota Dealer. My General Manager wants to talk to you. Please contact me ASAP.

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