LG Fridge turns into Easy Bake Oven! Family Escapes FIRE!

Now to me, this is serious.  LG in its infinite wisdom installed TWO high powered 60 watt incandescent 120VAC bulbs in the top of this unit just behind the two front doors.  When my hysterically screaming wife scared the living ba-jeepers out of me saying “The LG Fridge is on fire” I ran into the kitchen from the bedroom falling over two end tables.  When I got there the white plastic frame was so hot I just pulled the screws holding it right through the melting plastic and unplugged the two pin connector.  The inside of the fridge had to be around 200 degrees if not higher.  French onion dip was boiling in it’s tub and slices of yellow cheese were no longer sliced, they were re-combined and flowing every so slowly.

The lamps must be controlled by a circuit board assembly somewhere as the wires on the lamp holders is about #16AWG and the wires on the two door-open switches is about #20 AWG.  Also this unit has a 60 second timer if the doors are left open it starts the piezo-beeper screaming “the door is open dummy!” so this is a sign that there must be a “lamp control circuit” somewhere.  I’m going guess either a simple relay that now has “welded” contacts or a failed semiconductor such as a TRIAC or failure in the driver circuit for either of these.  I have too many projects going right now to tear into the fridge but when I do I’ll post a complete report on what I find. The lamps have 120V60watt stamped in the base, they are the lamps that came with the unit.



The MODEL NUMBER of this LG Refrigerator is LFX25960SW and we bought it from Home Depot.  The last picture is a shot of the cavity where the light unit bolts on inside the fridge, all bubbled & melted.

Today, the day after the melt-down that cost us over $200 in food my wife sends an Email off to LG customer support, below is a copy of that Email.

I just had the dairy products, fruit and vegetables ruined. It seems the light didn’t go off when the door closed and overheated. The inside of my refrigerator was so hot and smelled so bad everything was spoiled. I had to unplug the refrigerator and let the light area cool down to get it out. At looking at it, the bulb socket was burned and the plastic cover was melted. (see pictures) This is really a serious situation as the light fixture was just minutes away from catching on fire. The fixture is out, and so is all my food. The refrigerator is cooling down now, but there is no light. This refrigerator is only a couple years old and I like the design (except for the ice maker-this is another issue)but this light fixture should be looked into. I would like a new fixture. Do you need the old one to find out what went wrong? Can a safer bulb be used, like a LED? Oh, in case you think the door wasn’t closed, both door buttons at the same time were pushed and the light did stay on.

The response from LG Customer Service was as follows:

———–Reply to Customer Inquiry————
Dear Linda, We are delighted to hear from you as our Valued Customer. We sincerely regret that you have experienced difficulties with your LG Product. While we constantly strive for better ways of keeping maintenance to a minimum, occasional failures can occur. The manufacturer’s limited warranty is designed to take care of any failures in the early life of the unit. Once this warranty has expired however, the consumer becomes responsible for any repair. Your unit is now out of the manufacturer’s warranty and we are unable to assist you with the expense of this repair. Regarding the LED, is not recommended for the customers to alterate the design of the unit. For information regarding accessory parts for your LG product, please contact our parts department toll free at 1-888-393-6484. A member of our Parts Department is available to assist you with your parts order Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Please have your model number available when you call. This would need to be looked at by a technician. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service division at 800-243-0000 at your convenience. Adolfo C E-mail Administrator Customer Interactive Center LGEAI

I just wonder how long it will be, before this happens to some family, the house burns down and all the children are killed in the house fire.  This is clearly a bad design, I’m going to fix it and install a pair of 3watt 120V LED lamps in there.  The lamp housing is too far gone to put back in and I’ll be damed if I’m going to go out and buy a new one. Another shocker I got with this unit, every six months the ice maker filter needs to be replaced, at a cost of OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!  SHAAAAAA with that, I took the “custom cartdridge” out, opened it and ripped the element out and slapped it back in, yea, you can’t just leave it out.
UPDATE 08/01 16:00 -est
Wow, that was fast, I was just contacted by:

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  1. Hi Jim,
    We’ve recently had the same problem, and I was thinking the same thing as you with regard to replacing the bulbs. Our unit is almost 3 years old and we’ve been fortunate to have been home both times it’s happened (yes, twice now). The first time I thought just maybe, we didn’t hear the beeping or something. But now the bulbs are out. Anyway, contact the CPSC, etc. and hopefully we’ll get a class action lawsuit going.

    • Donna Rutledge Says:

      this is unbelievable that so many are having trouble I had to take the lights completely out so when you open the frig there is no light because it melted the plastic and the sockets were starting to get so hot they turned brown I was lucky because the next step was a fire now the plastic on the door for the freezer just came and a peice of the plastic broke my unit is 4 or 5 years old also bought a home depot

  2. Ours is not quite 2 yrs old and we found some meat partially cooked by the bulbs and the unit hanging from the wires – again, we were lucky we were home and found it. had we been asleep or out, maybe the whole thing would have burst into flames.

  3. We also had the lights staying on and melting the plastic cover, plus we had other problems with this piece of junk, this is a fire hazard and it needs to be recalled. I will write and tell people about this product until something is done

  4. wizbandit Says:

    If you read this you had better be sending a complaint to the CPSC. Now my wife is complaining everything in the drawers is freezing, ruining the lettuce, with the temperature set at 37 degrees. This LG Fridge is the biggest piece of crap appliance we own, other than the front-load Maytag washer which is next for a blog.

  5. I am writing an article on LG Refrigerators that catch on fire and pursuing possible legal action. If you have an incident or story please email me at:


    Please include the model # and info.


    • Don Ramsden Says:

      Sunday Jun 20, 2010

      LG Fridge LRFC22750ST

      Just an hour ago I opened the door to my fridge, to an acrid odour of plastic melting. THe 2 bulb light assembly was etremely hot to touch and the heat was so bad the left screw that secures it to the ceiling of the fridge had melted through the assembly and was hanging down about a half an inch. I went to un-screw the bulbs and the right screw also gave way. Both bulbs have been removed but the unit is sitting on my top shelf, dangling from a wire harness.

      HAd I not been home, a fire surely would have ensued.

      Near as I can tell, the bulbs did not go off when the doors were closed. When I depress the left and right door button, only the temperature LEDs (Setting and current Temp) go out. The bulbs remain lighted.

      I have to think about my approach to this issue. I am still in a bit of shock over it all.

      Good luck pursuing these bozos. and keep me posted with any info you can provide.

      Thank You

      Don Ramsden

    • My LG refrigerator Model# LFC25760ST light fixture jut caught on fire.
      We were home when this happened.
      I am hopphing some thing get done about this.


    • JOHN MURPHY Says:


    • I have a LG model LFX25960 and woke this morning to a hot fridge and melted plastic from the lights staying on. I travel for work and just happened to be home today or I would have been one of the fire victims. I would love to join the MANY complaints against LG. I have has 4 years of problems with my LG dishwasher also. Please EMail me .

    • Doreen Mayhew Says:

      I had a scary incident yesterday with my LG refrigertor, model #LFX25960ST, very close to a fire but my husband disassembled the entire unit. The plastic was completely melted and the light sockets were brown, all food was very hot inside. Thank God this happened during the day as there certainly would have been a fire and possibly ended tragically. I you have any further information about this or could help me find a solution to this problem. Hopefully there will be a recall.

      • wizbandit Says:

        Call the number in this thread and tell them your LG Fridge caught on fire…The repair is free…No replacement for spoiled food…

  6. Ok
    My LG refrigerator works great, if you would have read more you would have found that the american standars require a failure in production of 2% and LG factories have less than 2. I think it was not necessary pasting the representative´s reply here and expose his name if he is only following instructions and policies.

    Thanks for letting me express my thoughts.

    Please do not expose others people name if they are not the ones who manufacture the product. What if it was you and you had to take a difficult desicion towards a customer. Would you like to see your name posted everywhere just for had followed your company´s policies? Dont think so



    • Wil. I think you may be an idiot! The people who work in customer service are supposed to provide… dare I say “customer service”. I don’t care about the 2% failure rate. We’re talking about a fire hazard! Not my ice maker won’t work. If they chose to work at LG and knowingly abate the issue probably until the unit burns a house down and kills someone, then the reps deserve to have their names publicized. I guess in your arguement… the Nazis were just “doing their job”.

    • Jerry Ruczynski Says:

      What if you came home to a burning house? Children and pets are at risk. We were gone for 6 hours. This is a factory defect!

  7. wizbandit Says:

    Well, Well, Well… I would have answered “Dear Linda, it seems we may have a problem, let me contact my supervisor and see if any other owners have reported any problems and I will get back to you” NOW LET ME CONDENSE THE RESPONSE, “Dear Linda, nice we take your over thousand US dollars, sorry dear but you LG be out of warranty, sucks be you, you be sure buy replacement part from only us.” Maybe Adolfo C needs to get a new job where he/she does not need to use brain, like US McDonalds mopping floors on the overnight shift.

  8. Yes this happened to me on August 23, 2008. Tested the switches they work correctly. We caught it before loosing food and it catching fire.

    Model LFC25760ST refrigerator. Serial number 606KRHX00593.

  9. wizbandit Says:

    I think we are now at 100% Failure of the LG Refrigerator model LFX25960SW interior lamp system. They probably use the same control board in the model LFC25760ST. The U.S. Consumer Product Saftey Commission had better be issuing a recall on these soon before human life is lost or it will be the end of LG. I think the LF in the model number must stand for “Lamp Failure”

    • I just caught my LG light problem yesterday… It’s burning up and I cant see how to get the lamp grill off to remove the bulbs. Can anyone help? LG NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS.

      • Just shut the doors and let it heat up for another day or two…it’ll fall off by itself!

      • Push it back and pull down at the same time, it’s quite tight. The door light switches, there are two are on each hinge bracket at the top. Push both in and see if the light goes out.

      • I had an easy bake too! Says:

        Hi everyone, I received a mailing a couple weeks ago about a class action lawsuit requesting reimbursement to customers for this. If you have not received it, google it and contact the law firm to join. My dushwasher is a piece of crap too. Sure hope my stove and microwave hold up. Those are the last LG appliances I’ll EVER buy!

    • You Go WIzbandit…..Our refrigerator olmost caught fire the other day because of interior light system problem. When I talk to Lg customerr service,they have a “Not a big deal” attitude. Recall these pieces of crap. They haven’t even bothered to send out notices to people who have purchased these particular models that there could be a problem. These are the Toyotas of refrigerator land!

      • you need to send pictures to lg and to the esa( electrical safety authority) , tell lg you are taking the pictures to the newspaper. I have already been through this, LG customer service is a complete waste of time. They will just brush you off because you are out of warranty. I fought with them and told them they are lucky my house did not burn down. LG called a few wks after and replaced my complete fridge. With the class action lawsuit you will not receive much money. Tell them you want the fridge replaced and don’t take no for an answer.

    • Same thing happened to us with the LG model LFX25960SW. Caught it in time. Thank God we were home. The lights melted the plastic pieces. This is dangerious.

  10. I too have a same problem, mine is a 3 door lg fridge. no model # yet . looks similar to Model LFC25760ST but black .will find out shortly. It has the 2 lights inside very hot. just found pout yesterday when the food was hot inside. The doors close properly.. not sure how to fix this? any thoughts? can i remove these two 60 w bulbs and put a 12 w bulb maybe?

  11. same problem, those LGs really needs to be recalled. i am so upset about these problems!

  12. Please send emails or contact your local TV station to cover this story as it may save others lives.They may also contact the LG comapny. THere is email address on every local tv station “contact us” section. Also try to call them.
    Please do this part everyone.

  13. LG has taken action on the light housing melting. They will honor repair for 3 years for date of purchase. The main brd / light hosing needs to be replaced. If purchase at sears / they will need to come out . If purchased at any bigbox store you have A&E Service come out

    • That action in AFTER the refrigerator burns up. They need to recall BEFORE this unit kills someone!

    • Mine was repaired once, it was 15months old the first time. When I called they sent someone out to fix it all the parts were replaced, now almost three years after the repair it’s doing the exact same thing again. I called LG and they are sending someone out again to look at it.

      • Donna LeSage Says:

        Jeff @ recall dept. for Sears 1-888-567-3438 claims to have worked at the recall center for Sears for years and years and NEVER had anyone call back on a repair despite the dozens and dozens of complaints that have been documented online. He said all these blogs and web pages are bogus, and that the customers need to call and report a repair that has failed a second time into his department. Please do so at the above referenced number and ask for Jeff. I am researching the potential law suit against Sears for knowing that a product they sold has caught on fire, and leaving the appliance in the customers home while parts are being ordered, (which are back ordered for 6 weeks so far) and NOT making any SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS for the consumer. It is evident that Sears knows about the problem, yet they have not issued a recall and neither has LG. Knowingly placing the consumer at risk is a crime. Our appliance did catch on fire. Model #795 77543600, Kenmore Elite, French door on December 27, 2011. Sears customer service has issued a case number, had a repair person show up to “look” at it, no work done, and order parts with 1 main part being backordered already for 6 weeks and no date as to when it will arrive. So until then we are knowingly left with a fire hazard in our home, and Sears has acknowledged this through recorded conversations on both parities. If this is not resolved very shortly I will file suit against LG and Sears for a host of complaints that include mental anguish (fear of my home catching on fire) and endangerment of children, and many more negligent legitimate faults on behalf of Sears and LG.

  14. we are having similar incident with our LG fridge (purchased Oct. 2005) and melting lightbox. but with slightly different model number 22760ST instead of the 257. There was a recall posted for the 25760ST for the exact problems described above but not our version. We purchased with Sears and have extended warranty, but SEARS is saying that unless we can show recall evidence we will need to pay $80 for just the visit and labour. Any advice would be appreciated.

  15. LG bottom freezer fridge, 1 1/2 yrs old, out of warranty. the light failed to shut off and became a oven, plastic warped, contacted LG who said that it is out of warranty but they will send a tech next week with the parts to fix it? don’t know if I will have to pay but the guy seemed to be aware of this problem and said this is something they need to take care of. It seems they have had many complaints. will complain to cpsc. have other LG products. The dehumidifier went bad in 1 yrbut after replacement seems ok, ^ mo old dishwasher is ok until now. Alas had recc LG to others.

  16. My spouse came home for lunch today, opened the door of our 2-year old LG LFC25760SB refrigerator and was overwhelmed by the odor of burnt plastic. The butter in the bin on the door was melted and the cottage cheese and yogurt on the upper shelf were heated through. The plastic housing of the digital control panel was displaced and could not be moved back into place. When I removed the lamp cover from the digital control panel, the lamp sockets were scorched and the inner plastic surfaces were discolored and deformed. I contacted LG Customer Service. After the rep heard my story, he stated that LG would extend the warranty and arrange for repairs. I still have to fax them the serial number, so we’ll see how it goes. At the same time, I discovered that 2 out of the 3 rollers for the crisper bins are broken off.
    After finding all the other complaints here and elsewhere on the web, we are done with LG. We almost bought one of their microwave ovens this past weekend. I am glad we did not.
    I also filed a complaint with CPSC.
    Sam — similar story for us. Our friends bought the same model of LG refrigerator after seeing ours. Gotta call and give ’em a “heads up”!
    Contact our local news? You bet we will!



  17. Hi,

    I found this site looking for something else but here we had a similar problem but with a dishwasher. the control panel had problem connections, and they were known to overheat and catch fire. there was a story about them on a local current affairs type news program.

    they (the affected models) were recalled and were fixed free of charge. mine wasnt an affected model.

  18. THANK YOU for posting this…I just had the same problem this morning. LG agreed to extend my warranty for parts and labor, but they wanted a copy of my original receipt. I couldn’t find the receipt in a timely manner, so I spoke with a manager, who extended the warranty without it. I strongly stressed that this was a safety issue and I was concerned for the welfare of my house and family. She agreed, so we’ll see if I can have it fixed. I will NEVER purchase another LG appliance, though. I feel like this refrigerator is a complete lemon. We’ve already had two separate issues with this fridge and my husband wants to catapult it over the fence.

  19. f/u LG guy showed up Mon 9/15 wanted to know if I was given some No. when I called which indicated the warranty had been extended for his reference? I said no, he went and spoke to soomebody, came back took pictures of the light fixture and the serial no et., told he will order the parts. came back on Thu and replaced the parts. hope it runs ok now!!

  20. Thank you all for posting your experience with the LG refrigerator. Just after the warranty expired we had the same issue with the light staying on inside the refrigerator, burnt plastic light bulb housing hanging from its wires. In fact, I am looking at the burnt and melted parts now because we have not been able to find replacement parts.

    I am encouraged by your recent experiences in getting LG to recognize they have a major problem. I will call them tomorrow.

    Luckily we were home! Otherwise, the house might have burnt to the ground. We will never buy another LG product, not even a cell phone.

  21. Rick Gauvreau Says:

    Well I am glad to see I am not alone with this problem. On Monday Sept22/08 our fridge did the same thing. We had supper at 5:30 and by 8:30 the inside of the fridge lite fixture had melted to the point the plastic was dripping down. There has been a major recall of LG fridges here in Canada due to fire hazard’s and was told that the curcit board in the back of the fridge is the problem by one of the repair center’s here. I am still waiting for someone to come and look at our fridge. I will keep you posted

  22. I called LG about 30 mins ago with this problem and they jumped right on it. They were SOOO familiar with the problem that they never asked any questions and offered to fix it free including parts and labor….THAT made me suspicious. I checked here and to my surprise, this is a very common problem. The CPSC needs to hear about this one. Also, we need to contact the retailer so they stop carrying the item. I will add to this blog as I find out more.

  23. Hello. This happened to me last night! I called LG and try to get an “english” speaking rep was hard enough. My Fridge is just over 1 year old! Thank goodness I was home or a fire would have startedf. I too LOST lots of food. So upset with this. I am writing to consumer products.
    http://www.cpsc.gov EVERYONE please write to get the company to cover this damage.

  24. We just had the same problem with LFC25760ST and fortunately caught it before a fire occurred. The housing unit did detach from the top apparently after melting whatever held it in place. I just emailed LG trough their website and am awaiting a response. Thanks!

  25. We just had the same problem with LFC25760TT and fortunately caught it before a fire occurred. The housing unit did detach from the top apparently after melting whatever held it in place. I will contact the CPSC.GOV site and add to the list through their website.

    I contacted LG and they said they would extend the warranty to fix this but am quite concerned that, as noted above, they are not indicating this is a going to prevent the problem from occurring in the past.

    I’ve had this LG fridge for 22 months now. I’ve already had the LG dishwasher that I bought at the same time lose its engine after 15 months (out of warranty). LG products have been very, very disappointing.

  26. Bruce Meerman Says:

    10/23/08 I woke up this morning to a melted control panel of my LG Refrigerator Model LFC25760TT. I got it 9/29/06. It was hanging down and the plastic was scorched. Food was liquified. The lights wouldn’t turn off. (I closed the refrigrator with a piece of paper between the doors to confirm that the lights were staying on.) After pulling the plastic housing out of the way I used an oven mitt to unscrew the bulbs. Thank god we caught it before it started a fire.

    I can’t get a service guy out until next week and LG says they can’t send parts until a technician looks at it. He admitted that they had similar problems, so I went on line while talking to him. I asked for an extended warranty like others were granted, but LG said I have to fax my sales receipt to them. (I guess they have to decide whether or not they’ll stand behind this manufacturing defect.)

  27. Same here – light module melted 2 days ago. My neighbor also experienced the same thing. My mother in law has frozen blower which she has to pay for service since it was out of warranty period.. I had the same issue with a previous LG fridge. I am surprise there was no recall.

  28. Dan Powers Says:

    My LG refrigerator (same models and serials as above) has had the same light failure on two occasions. The first time, it did no damage. The second time, the heat melted the control housing and warped some plastic and caused the panel to drop down into the fridge. The repair person is replacing the door switches. Time will tell if this (or the circuit board) is the source of the problem.

  29. Tony Russo Says:

    Good lord!
    We were so happy when we originally purchased our new stainless steel French door refrigerator. Too bad it didn’t last long!
    My wife called me one day while I was at work and was screaming that the refrigerator had gone crazy and was cooking the food via the inside lighting. Thinking that she was exaggerating, I returned home from work to see a BIG bag of the food that was in the frig outside waiting for me. I went inside to look at the unit and play with the 2 push button light switches and finally got them to work again, and didn’t think anything of it, what a BIG mistake.
    That was during the summer, just this week, I had 2 beautiful thick steaks cooked by the frig again and had to throw them out. What a waste of 4 Lbs of meat. By this time, I finally agreed with my wife that there was something drastically wrong, so I contacted LG’s customer service. They notified me that since the manufacturers warranty was over, that there wasn’t anything they could do.
    Being an Electrician and Engineer, I notified the moron on the other end of the phone that this was a manufacturing defect and should be covered beyond the normal warranty. I also told him that if they didn’t get this corrected, that it wouldn’t be long before someone sued them for a serious injury or fire.
    After seeing how many people are having the same problem and the same results from LG, it is only fitting that we all band together and get a class action lawsuit started to replace our refrigerators.
    At this time, we now have to use a flashlight to see in our $2300.00 piece of crap LG.
    I hope the owners of LG are having a big laugh looking at these blogs.

    Never will we EVER buy another LG product, even if I have to build a root cellar, wash our cloths on a wash board or send smoke signal to communicate.

  30. LFX 25960ST ours did this on Wed. Have a case number with LG right now. CS rep said that someone would be coming to fix the problem free of charge. I asked him if this is something that happens with these units and he said yes and that it will be covered through my warranty. I purchased unit on 5/23/06. He also informed me that they would replace the mother board….

  31. Broken record time. Same thing happened to us. We have the LFX25960ST which we purchased from Home Depot in Spring, 2007. The first time this occurred was a few months ago. I noticed warm milk, and thought the door had been left open but quickly surmised that the lights were not going off when the doors closed. I unplugged the refrigerator to reboot. This seemed to take care of the problem and I didn’t think much more about it. Well I returned from a weekend trip last night and found hot milk and burnt plastic. I’ve removed the light unit and bulbs and will call LG tomorrow with our sales info. I’m glad I googled the burnt light unit and found this site. Why a recall is not issued on such a serious issue is beyond me.

  32. Our fridge had the same problem this month. It happened before, but only melted the lamp protector. I had chalked it up to us accidentally leaving the door open, or so I thought. This time however, the light protetor melted to a pizza box in the fridge AND melt a hole in the ceiling insde the fridge… this happened over night while we were sleeping! I keep bills and such on top of the fridge, can you image if it had melted complete through the top?!?! I called LG, they were well aware of this problem, and we are getting another fridge, but we have all the matching appliances. I think they have change the look on the new models. Apparently the new models now have a thermometer beside the light, so if it gets too hot they will shut off….

  33. Claude Jones Says:

    We just had the same problem but we caught it as the plastic was just starting to melt. This ref. needs to be recalled before it kills someone. We bought ours at Home Depot in Marysville WA. in September of 2006.

  34. Claude Jones Says:

    Update; I contacted Customer Support and LG is going to extend the warranty to cover this problem. I also said that I researched this on the internet and found that several thousand other customers had similar experiences with their LG refrigerators.

  35. We have had the melting, burning light fixture issue and the frozen vegetables problem in our LG refrigerator. LG is repairing our unit but a couple of days ago, we got a letter from LG regarding their French Door refrigerators and issues with energy efficiency. The letter included a check for $76, a promise to retrofit the refrigerator and compensation for 14 years for the energy efficiency issue. The letter also states that if you sign the check, you can not hold them responsible for anything. Has everyone received this AND does anyone know of a class action lawsuit?

  36. I received the same letter and a check for $84.87 yesterday (12/26/08), I’m going to scan the letter & check, will post a blog update.

  37. We have a french door LG refrigerator Model LFC25760SW that was purchased June 2007. When we woke up this morning, the plastic light assembly was melted because the lights had stayed on all night. When we opened the door there was a very strong smell of melted plastic and the top shelf of the refrigerator was hot and the food on that shelf had spoiled. A friend of ours had purchased the refrigerator new but due to personal circumstances, she had to sell the refrigerator. We bought it from her in October 2007 but she did not have the original sales receipt. I called LG customer service this morning and since I didn’t have the original receipt they said there was nothing they could do. I told them I had read of several cases like this on the internet so it wasn’t an isolated case with me but without the original sales receipt they wouldn’t do anything. I was referred to an appliance repair service in my area. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Bureau after finding many similar complaints on their website. There needs to be a recall on this since this is a real fire and safety hazard.

  38. The Kenmore Elite Trio has the same problem as well. Luckily Kenmore didn’t hesitate to send a repairman out at no cost to me even with my warranty expired. Fridge is only 2 years old.

  39. I can’t believe that this problem has been going on for so long, and LG is doing nothing to fix it! I came home to same melting problem in my refrigerator last week, and the area above the light switches is all melted in my refrigerator. I just got off the phone with LG for the second time today, and was finally told that I could call a local repair service and have this fixed. I purchased my LG LFX25960 French Door Refrigerator in June of 06. I have reported this to the CPSC. I’m wondering if a house needs to burn down, and someone needs to die before something is done about this problem… My first thoughts when I saw the inside of my refrigerator melted, and felt the heat inside this refrigerator was that I was so glad it didn’t happen in the middle of the night, or would could have all been killed. My second thought was, if we had been out of town, our house probably would have burnt to the ground. We have had nothing but problems with this refrigerator, freezing all of our vegetables periodically among other things. What a peice of junk!!!

  40. Oh yea, I forgot about the POS freezing all the veggies in the drawers. My wife keeps the temp at 40 degrees but it still freezes the veggies. And at 40 the milk goes bad way sooner…
    I have disposed of EVERYTHING LG in my house, not one more DIME of mine goes to that company.

  41. Thanks for all the information everyone has supplied. I encountered this problem several months ago with a model LFC25760SW. At the time it LG was not fixing out of warranty units. I was glad when people reported that LG had adopted the extended warratny policy for this issue. I called the service center and with a little encouragement from my side the agent was able to find the required info about this problem. An LG repairman came within a few days but unfortunately did not have the correct parts to make the repair. He cam back a week later and was able to complete the repair. He replaced the control board in back of the unit and of course the damaged light unit. The new unit has a temperature sensor and should shut off from overheating if the light fails to go out when the door is shut. I also took the advice to use low wattage LED bulbs. Was able to find the bulbs at WalMart. They are a torpedo shape bulb, but fit just fine. I can’t guarentee that this is accurate but I believe the LG “case number” for this issue is EWPL ECORREDOIRA. Thanks again for everyone’s info, and I hope my info can help someone else.

  42. I just had the same problem, I have been arguing w/LG Customer Service since Feb. they are impossible. I also had problems with the Main board, & motor fan. Model LFX2596ST. I finally emailed Consumer Safety and filed a complaint. LG is aware of the issues and is waiting for something drastic to happen in one of these fires, before they voluntariily recall or replace the products. https://www.cpsc.gov/

  43. Bought my LFX25960SW in July of 2006. I immediately had problems with the lights. The service tech replaced with a lower voltage bulb. Now I have the ER IF error code that says my ice maker fan is malfunctioning. I have had food freeze in the lower left draw, but did not do anything about that except watch what I put in that draw. Now, I have a fan that is making all types of noise and no ice. I have read about the posts and am going to try to hit it with a hair dryer to defrost. Sounds like fan is hitting something and I see a little ice in the back of the freezer. I called LG customer service and a women with an accent answered. She was of no help. I told her the fridge that this replaced is still working in my basement and is about twelve years old. I never had a problem with that one. This one is truly a POS.

  44. Hi there,
    This same thing just happened to us yesterday with our 7-month old LFX25960ST fridge. We happened to be home. The whole lighting case and housing and frame, and the top of the refrigerator are melted. The sockets are orange, and we fortunately stopped a fire in our kitchen. We also are having no luck with customer service, or Home Depot. If anyone has tips on who they spoke to or what they did, we would appreciate it! Additionally, I am curious if anyone has had problems AFTER the serviceman came out. I am afraid of our refrigerator now! I don’t know what additional damage was done–and who’s to say this won’t happen with the freezer now! I don’t want to worry about this. It seems like a huge liability for LG and I can’t understand why there is not an recall. We also lodged a complaint with the CPSC. Any info would be great. We are going to go through and re-read all of these comments. THank you veyr much.

  45. wizbandit Says:

    Our Fridge was repaired in April 2009 free of charge.

    • How did you get them to repair it free of charge. I have the same model as you with the same problem. I just removed the bulbs, but am worried that might not be enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

  46. Same thing happened to our LFX2596ST. Burned up the entire top of the refrigerator. offered to replace the lamps!! Yea, lets try and burn the house down a second time. Are you kidding?? Terrible customer service and very, very rude. Please everyone, please file an incident report with the US Consumer Protection Agency. Takes only a few minutes online. LG won’t fix this issue unless mandated. Save a life… file a complaint!

  47. david a Says:

    recognised the light failure this evening. you people are way too forgiving. situation is intolerable. have bulbs out for now, am on queue for a callback from lg. what is with the class action? need some deaths to move forward? -david.

  48. We just had the same “light stuck on/heating/melting/stinking” problem on an LG LFD22860ST purchased in August 2007. We have an extended warranty and the repairman who arrived knew exactly what the problem was before he even opened the frig door. He’s ordering a new control board and a light assembly which, as noted by others, will now have a thermistor to detect overheating and turn off the lamps. My next step is to contact CPSC. While many people have commented here about the need for a recall, I don’t understand why that hasn’t happened by now. I intend to investigate and also contact Consumers Union (Consumer Report magazine).

  49. Jim Wimberly Says:

    OK…. This is the second occurance of this happening to my refridgerator. Fist time it was under warrentee and the second time (fridge less than two years old) was tonight. I am saving the melted parts. I am going to contact the consumer product safety commision and seek a class action lawsuit on this issue. This is a significant fire hazard. I will also complain to LG, Home Depot and any other entity that can help in this matter. Had to toss all fridge contents out…. for the second time!

    • Jim Wimberly Says:

      BTW: I have just filed a complaint with the CPSC and will follow up tomorrow. A significant fire risk exists. This totally unacceptable!

      • Donna LeSage Says:

        They claim to have NEVER had a problem once it was repaired. Please contact JEFF @ RECALL DEPT. and make a statement. He claims all posts or web sites are bogus, and that nothing matters except when the RECALL DEPT. is notified. 1-888-567-3438. He is rude and obnoxious, but can’t claim there have NO COMPLAINTS after repair work was done, unless he is also a liar.

  50. My LFC25960TT had the light problem in about Aug 08. LG issued a one time extended warranty to fix the problem, which they did. Now, Jun 09 it has happened again but slightly different. (Lights stay on but refrigerator keeps cooling enough to prevent the meltdown.) LG customer service said I am out of warranty and gave me the name of a local repair company. I called them and they charged me $95 to come look at it. They ordered the parts ($144) and I picked them up to install myself. (Light bulb wiring harness and main PWB (Printed Wiring Board)). I puchased a service manual online for $20 to figure out how to replace the parts. The manual was of no use. I finally figured out how to remove and replace both parts and things are fine now. If anyone wants advice on how to do this, email me at kwade@cfl.rr.com. It’s very easy and will save you a couple hundred dollars.

  51. Same light system failure tonite on our LFX25960SB. Purchased 9/06. Luckily daughter caught in time with only minor melting of lens. LG rep says they now have a special code for this failure and covered under extended warranty. Repairman coming on Monday at no charge. (Note the picture of a new light harness has a overheat sensor to prevent a repeat but I’ll be doing the bulb change out as well.) Thanks to this site for all the info.

  52. Bought my LFC22760ST in Dec 2006. Start using it in Jul 2007. 10 months
    later I had to replace both door gaskets. Now lighting case in the top part of refrigerator is melted. Something must be done with this product. This is not safe to use it.

  53. LG LFC25760SB purchased Sept ’06

    Melted control housing…..twice now…..just checked to see if this is a known issue and voila! You guys!

    Calling LG in the morning. Wish me luck?

  54. Same issue here.
    The light would not go out and it melted the plastic around the Digital Sensor Display. LG asked me to fax the sales receipt and then they will send a repair man to fix it.

  55. Nathan Grube Says:

    I like many of you experienced the smell of burning plastic in my 13 month old refrigerator (model LFX25960SW) yesterday. I am just shocked that this could actually happen AND that this many people have been dealing with this. I have contacted LG CS and a service tech will be here tomorrow morning and SUPPOSEDLY repair under warranty. My big question is: Will this happen again and is this truly a fire hazard? What if this happens during the night? Is my family in danger? If somebody has concrete evidence that it is not a hazard I would like to know so I can sleep at night. We’ve liked the unit up until now, and hate to just through away a $2,000 fridge!!

  56. Nathan Grube Says:

    I like many of you experienced the smell of burning plastic in my 13 month old refrigerator (model LFX25960SW) yesterday. I am just shocked that this could actually happen AND that this many people have been dealing with this. I have contacted LG CS and a service tech will be here tomorrow morning and SUPPOSEDLY repair under warranty. My big question is: Will this happen again and is this truly a fire hazard? What if this happens during the night? Is my family in danger? If somebody has concrete evidence that it is not a hazard I would like to know so I can sleep at night. We’ve liked the unit up until now, and hate to just throw away a $2,000 fridge!!

  57. Nader Fathi Says:

    Last August, I was away for few days when we got back home we noticed that our LG refrigerator almost was on fire, everything was melted inside and gone bad. The unit was hanging from the top. I guess we were lucky that this did not happen first day in our absent. I called the customer service and they send a technician to fix it. My refrigerator was almost 1.5 year old at the time.
    Now almost a year later same thing happened again. We were glad that this time we were home and caught it really early. It has been few days that our refrigerator is dark inside but SAFE. I called the customer service department today, they said that they will put a request to issue an extend warranty but did not promise anything so if it does not get approved I have to pay for it.
    I think money aside, this is a very big fire hazard and LG has to do something about it. I compliant to the customer rep but she said that she will put my complaint through product liability (or something like that) department.
    We will see what happens. Cross your fingers.

    • Nader Fathi Says:

      LG issues another extended warranty to fix the problem for second time. “It appears that they are not going to do anything but just keep fixing it” said the customer service lady from the local company that is coming to replace the part for me.

  58. Just happened to me this morning. I’m glad I stumbled on this site, when I talked to an ‘online help representative’ I was told that ‘there were no recalls any LG products’, so I sent her three (unrelated to this issue). She then repeated the line, gave me the number a local appliance shop and disconnected.

    I’m going to get the model/serial number over lunch and call LG. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! (now if I can just find that receipt)


  59. And here’s another LG easy-bake oven meltdown .. 7/25/09 — this morning when I opened the fridge I found the display hanging from the top of the fridge interior. I quickly realized the thing had melted because the lights were not going out. I’ve now taken the lights out. I need a flashlight when I open the fridge, but otherwise ok. I’ll call LG on Monday.

    I can’t believe they haven’t done a recall on this. If this happens to somebody while they are on vacation for a week, it’s got to be a fire hazard.

  60. We awoke last Wednesday morning to find the overheating/melting light fixture problem that everyone has described here. We called 24 hour LG customer service. They sounded very familiar with the problem. Asked when and where we bought the fridge (July, 2006 at Home Depot), but they did not ask us to fax a copy of the receipt. They immediately set up an appointment for an LG repair person to come out Monday (today). He just left my house. He replaced the light unit with one that has a thermostat, and he replaced the control board. He said the relay in the control board gets stuck and causes the lights to stay on with the door shut, which in turn causes the overheating. He assured me this would fix the problem, and I hope he knows what he’s talking about. We plan to install lower wattage bulbs just in case. I was not charged anything for parts or labor. I agree that it’s a bad problem, but overall LG was very responsive. Perhaps they’ve had enough of these incidences that they’ve finally developed a system to make it right. Fortunately we have a second refrigerator in the garage which we used as a backup…….a 23 year old Whirlpool which ironically has never had a single problem.

  61. Bought LFX25960 in Oct/2006, ice maker went out and found this blog. How do check to see if the light is not shut off. Thank.

  62. todd potter Says:

    Talked to appliance tech who states the fix is now a new board with a thermostat which cuts power to the bulbs if the problem re-occurs. Seems reasonable. Perhaps I’ll test it before I sleep soundly with bulbs installed.

    • FYI: If the problem does happen again they have to come back out to replace that board again!!! Good Luck.

    • After reading this it now makes sense. Both my bulbs were out today (mine was fixed once already) however the housing was super hot. I removed the bulbs and tested them and they worked. I put them back in and the lights came back on but trying the door pin switches the lights would not go out again.

  63. an AK mama Says:

    Ous did the same thing just yesterday. Cooked a huge jar of garlic! Calling LG and filing a CPSC report today.

  64. HI from the numbers displayed here most of you are american, 🙂 .. just wanted to let you know that the same shit products from LG are sold over here i have a double door GR b1975wvs fridge.. purchased in dec 04 paid 2000 thousand dollars australian, and what a suprise its been the biggest lemon ever.. the main board so i was told is stuffed again… its always been stuffed and they know it. the display panel for fridge and freezer goes 1 to 5 for both sides and it decides to work when it feels like it. my food is either warm or spoiled. and like all u guys LG the mob of assholes dont want to acknowledge me now, lol when i called the other day apparently im not on there records how convenient. i have just wrote another email to them…. i wont hold my breath. the further i search into complaints about this company the more un_suprising it becomes… i told them i wont shut up till i get answers on this, im gonna keep hounding them, i dont blame u guys for getting a class action going i hope u kick there asses all over the place. LG biggest pack of bastards around. how can they be allowed to get away with all of there wrong doings.. and its just not minor complaints, i mean look how serious this issue u guys are having,… at what point are they not held responsible…. its like there allowed to send a suicide machine into ur homes.. so who says its ok to allow that, ? over here we have so called australin safety testing and stuff, maybe u need to get whoever says the product is safe etc aswell and drag there uncaring ass over the coals aswell.. if that works that way i dunno, i just hope u guys get them.. and they are named and shamed over the matter… good luck i wish u all a big win against them. 🙂

  65. I call LG customer service with regard to this same problem with our LFC25760ST purchased 2 and a half years ago at Best Buy.

    I explained the problem, and the rep immediately knew what I was complaining about.

    He gave me a warranty clearance code of RD to use with a service technician in addition to an individual service reference code.

    I contacted the service technician and he immediately recognized the RD code.

    We’ll see if this fixes the problem.

  66. Same prob this weekend. LFC25760 Purchased ’06. Had 5yr PSP which came in handy for once! Good luck people. Upgrading my fire extinguisher as we speak!

  67. Myron Kwei Says:

    Bought an LG fridge in 2003 and it lasted for only 6 years while my Whirlpool and Sears bought 15 years ago are still working. LG looks good but just not durable. It leaves a lot to be desired!

  68. Just came home from work to discover the same issue in my LG french door bottom freezer fridge…after the fridge that came with the house we bought flipped out, we purchased the LG in June 2007…because of the problems I had with the prior fridge, i keep a thermometer in the fridge and freezer to help let me know if a problem is arising…sure enough, i open the fridge, and my usually 38 degrees is at 50!!!! So I know something is wrong, then I notice the funky order and feel the bulb case…BINGO. As quickly and as carefully as I can, I remove the casing and then use a potholder to unscrew the whitehot bulbs. The metal pan above the bulbs is INSANELY hot, and I unscrew the whole casing to get it away from contact with the fridge since IT WAS MELTING THE THING, the whole top of my fridge under where the casing was is warped from being melted. I am FURIOUS. Like so many others, what if I didn’t catch this in time! I was shaking with barely controlled fury when I called LG…at first they gave me the “past warranty” crap, but as I explained the issue, the rep said “Oh, that issue is covered under a 3 year warranty” So it must be this new thing some others have mentioned…the repair guy comes Monday, so I’ll let you know…after the disaster I had with their repair guys last summer when my 2 month old dryer stopped working, I am not hopeful for a quick and painless fix…

  69. Had the same problem with my LG LFX25960TT on 8/6/2009. Interior lights of fridge did not go out when doors were closed. Area around bulbs is burnt and I luckily discovered the problem before leaving on vacation. 2 weeks prior we noticed the back of the refrigerator was overheated and the wall behind the refrigerator was hot. We just thought we had it pushed too close to the wall and it was not getting proper air ventilation. Apparently not. I have the same problem as others with warm top shelf but frozen veggies in drawer. It is impossible to regulate the temperature in this fridge. Also, it takes 2 days to fill the ice bin and when it is finally full, the icemaker doesn’t automatically shut off. So, this is another thing to monitor, making sure to turn the icemaker off when full and back on when there is room for more cubes.
    I notified LG on 8/6/2009 and was told that they could not locate a service agent in my area and that it would take up to 5 days before I hear back from them. It is now 8/13/2009 and I have still not received a phone call from LG. I have the Extended Service Plan from Home Depot and they also say that they cannot find a service agent in my area (30 min. from Harrisburg, capitol of my state of PA). They have been extremely rude and a rep named Gara from the Extended Warranty Company told me that they cannot guarantee a service agent in every area of the country, but hey, they didn’t have any problem selling me the service plan. She then proceeded to tell me she couldn’t guarantee when I would hear back from her and that she didn’t want to discuss it any further and hung up on me! I have since spoken to The Home Depot Store #4138 and they have arranged for me to receive a loner fridge until my fridge is repaired. I will also file a complaint with the CPSC and also think it is time for a class action lawsuit before anyone dies in a fire caused by this “POS” LG refrigerator!

  70. Bill Mancillas Says:

    LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Model# LFC25760 – almost caught fire yesterday. Seems light sensors didn’t shut two interior 60W lights off upon doors being closed. It became an oven and began melting margarine, and heating other food and beverages. We removed two bulbs and are now without interior lights. I contacted CPSC and am going to contact LG now.

  71. I purchased the LG refrigerator model # LFX25960st. I had no problem at all until I had the upgrade done and the bottom left drawer contents started freezin and now everything is freezing even with the temperature set at 40 degrees. My electric bill has gone way up the last two months. LG’s tech said that my refrigerator needed to be replace because it was unfixable on August 12th. The compressor runs nonstop. The resolution person called on August 18th and said it would be 7-10 days before the freight company could deliver another refrigerator. Today I threw away 3 pounds of apples, 2 pounds of grapes, a watermelon, dozen eggs, and a pound of baby carrots. LG will not refund me for any food or the extra electric for the last two months. They did send me a check for $44 because of the energy rating. If you are not having any problems do not get the upgrade done. I also have a top load LG washer that has had the door replaced once because the bleach runs under the pan onto the door and rust forms. It has rusted again but LG will not replace it because the warranty is up and they say I am putting in to much bleach. I will never buy another LG product because of the bad quality and the customer service is lousy.

  72. My 15 month old son and I were at home alone last night when I open the fridge to a burning smell. Everything on the top shelf of the refrigerator was so hot it felt like it had been heated in a microwave. All contents of my refrigerator will have to be thrown out. The casing for the lights was melted and even the top of the refrigerator was dripping plastic. I don’t know how this will be repaired. I’m just thankful I opened the refrigerator one last time before going to bed! Otherwise, I might not be here to write my complaint. This is completely unacceptable! We purchased the refrigerator from Home Depot in High Point, NC in June 2007. I hope we get some good news from LG when we contact them today!!!

  73. stephanie Says:

    wow, i am so glad i read this. we are only experiencing freezer fan error issues with our LG at the moment….where the freezer fan looks like a freaking snow ball and the only way to keep food frozen is to store it in the bottom of the freezer and fridge side. ugh i am trashing this POS and buying a refridgerator that wont burn my house down. we have an LG air conditioner that has lasted us forever which inspired this appliance purchase but NEVER again will i waste my money on an LG product and i will tell everyone i can not to as well.

    Thanks again for posting this!

  74. I have the LFC22760ST and woke up this morning to hot milk for the kids. Called LG this morning and they said someone would be in touch with me in 24 – 48 hours. I am suspicious. I should say that we redid our kitchen 2 years ago and bough t all LG appliances. We had had the stove repaired 5-6 times for the same problem before they agreed to replace it (the burner would not shut off, we had to unplug it). The motor in the dishwasher burned out and was replaced a few months ago, and now this? Life is not good, it sucks, I am tempted to replace everything.

  75. KC Rutiaga Says:

    This same thing happened to our model LFX25960ST LG Refrigerator. This definitely needs to be a recall. They claim to be fixing this but I wonder if it will still be a hazard?

    • I just had the same thing happen to my LG frig. for the second time. The first time it happened I thought a family member left a door open, so I just went ahead and replaced the damaged parts after checking that the door switches were operating properly. The plastic parts were realy mangled and just dangling from the top. Well here we are about a month later and the same thing happened again only the parts not damaged as bad because we knew when we smelled the burning we knew were to look. I definately believe this is a safety issue and my wife has been battling with LG to get it repaired. Definately would not recommend anyone by an LG frig.

  76. Dorothy S Says:

    I have an LG refrigerator Model LFD22860st french door and see that it has been reported to catch fire in the light bulbs area. Will they fix this if the problem hasn’t occured it or do I have to wait intil its toast? I have another problem, the upper door latch with a piece of black plastic attached has broken off. Since I bought an extended warrant, it’s under control, right? No! It seems plastic isn’t covered because owners can replace that their self. I said but the whole door has to be taken apart and I don’t know how to do that. Of course a latch isn’t mechanical either.huh? I don’t have the money to replace this as I now exist on social security and the retirement went down the toilet with the economy. Has anyone else had a problem with the upper door latches?

  77. my name is kristi i am 17 years old and the same thing happened to me.. but we werent home and our whole house burnt down to the ground, we lost everything we own and l.g was so rude about it, my partner and i have decided to take legal action

  78. Same thing happened to my model, luckily we caught it before it got too bad, just a bad smell and a deformed light cover.
    Model no : LRFD22850ST
    Serial no: 506MRUY00094
    However, due to the customer service issues and the huge amount of complaints on the internet, my days with LG are done.

  79. Same problem with model lfc25960st. Very happy to have found this blog. I will seek if there has been a recall, however, this is definitely class action material. I don’t want this piece of junk in my house if the company is not going to stand behind it’s own fire hazards.

  80. I just had the same problem (model LFC25760SB). The lamps did not turn off, my wife and I came home the the smell of smoke and burning plastic. The interior control unit mounted on the inside top of the fridge was melted and hanging down by the wires. This is a very dangerous issue, it’s a FIRE HAZARD that LG should take responsibility and fix. I would be happy to be party of a class action suit against LG

  81. I also purchased a LG fridge Model LFC25760ST and experienced the light meltdown. Called the LG service department and they are extending the warranty to cover the problem. They have to be afraid of a class action suit with this many people having the same problem. I am sure there are a lot more people out there that are not aware the danger.

  82. We just had the same thing happen during the night last night, awoke by the smell of hot plastic. This problem should be fixed before it costs a life or injury

  83. Good thing we were home, our LG melted down too. Could have burned down our house! I just got off the phone with Sears and to date they have not been notified of a recall, which is absolutely an outrage considering the number of complaints. I certainly hope no one has to get injured or killed for something to be done. A Sears technician is coming out to take a look, I just want this hazard out of my house.

  84. If your LG fridge turns into an easy bake oven too, please file an incident report with CSA their website address is http://www.csa-international.org. Hopefully a recall will be issued and it might prevent future injuries and meltdowns.

  85. OOPS forgot to include the file number to file the incident report with CSA at http://www.csa-international.org. The file number is 099404_0_000 or EFV99404.

  86. Same thing happened to us a few days ago – smoking, melted plastic over the hot bulbs. Luckily we opened the fridge before there were flames.
    Model LCF21760ST
    purchased Jan 07
    They are paying for service, but I won’t trust it … Am filing a complaint with the CSPC.

  87. i got have a lfx25960 refrigerator with the same problem, repair man said its the worst one hes ever seen . inside of the worthless frigerator is a mound of cavernous stilagmites hanging from the ceiling of my frigerator, Lg tells me they will give me the prorated price of 990.00 for a frigerator i paid 1600 on they say its out of warranty ,,but the exended warranty place says they are responsible for it cause they know of the problem. passign the buck works well for them !@ yet im out here with no frigerator and who was planning on replacing a frigerator in two yrs, i told lg i demand a full refund, they came about 2 minutes from burning down my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY LG

  88. The same thing happened with our fridge.I have an LG LRFC22750SW. I just got off the phone with someone from LG (they even called me)and they set up an appointment with one of their technicians for tomorrow. She told me that if they can’t fix the bubbled up burned part on the top of my frige that they WOULD replace it and give me an upgrade! I already know that they are not going to be able to replace in inside of the unit where it is burned because it all one piece. According to her all the technician has to do is call the service department and tell them it NOT fixable and they should replace it.. Keep your fingers crossed for me please and I will up date this tomorrow and let you know what they say. Maybe finally they are taking responsibility and doing the right thing. I thanked her a bunch of times and hopefully it will work out.

    • Donna LeSage Says:

      Kathleen, would you please send an e-mail or post what the outcome of your claim was? Mine is also damaged beyond repair and I am getting the run around.

      • Donna, I just had the same thing happen to me. I truly believe we were moments away from a fire. It is Good Friday and I had so much food in my fridge. My rib roast and lamb roast could have been served this morning because they were cooked by my fridge turned easy bake oven! I see most of the posts are from 2009 and yours is one of the newer ones. Did you get anywhere? Do you know anything about a classation suit?

  89. Claudette Says:

    We have model LRFD22850ST . fROM THE FIRST WEEK WE BOUGHT IT WE HAD PROBLEMS. The freezer always frosted up (came to fix several times), the door clamps broke off (3 times) they replaced the circuit board. We have purchased 2 extended warranties.
    Today the light bulbs burned and melted the plastic right off and the sockets are scortched. Reading all these entries totally shock me. This is a fire hazzard and needs to be recalled.

  90. Sorry this is Claudette Husband, but I just wanted to say we also had the fridge replaced once too. And it worries me that if we had to run out of the house because of a fire. We have to deaf boys and a daughter that is in a wheel chair. Imagine how hard that would be to get everyone out when there’s a fire, an even worse at night. We are pursuing for a replacement and updated one.

  91. I purchased my house with the LG LFC25760ST model. I came home from work and opened the fridge to an odd smell. Come to find out the top piece had melted. All the food on the top shelf warm including the butter. I have 2 dogs in my house while I am at work. I couldn’t imagine them being locked in during a fire. I called LG today and they are “looking into it” as I did not purchase the fridge… He gave me a local repair number and said it was my responsibility to repair it. I quickly informed him of this site and the fact there are numerous complaints about this. He is supposed to be contacting me today or tomorrow. He was very pleasant, but unfortunately that alone won’t fix my problem… I am posting a complaint on CPSC and contacting CBS. Good luck all!

  92. S Baumert Says:

    I just found my LG LFX25960 melting because the light bulbs did not shut off. I shut off the power and removed the bulbs after it cooled down enough. Luckily I got up early and found my LG refrigerator had become an oven. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and sent an Email to LG, but it looks like that might not do any good based on the other response received from LG.

    TIME FOR A RECALL!!!!! This is clearly a safety issue.

  93. We had recommendation from our friend about LG products, so we bought everything LG — washer/dryer, stove and fridge.
    We bought our LFX25960SW from Home Depot, delivered on 7/1/2006 (yes, I remember this date clearly). Slightly over a year (right after warranty expired), we experienced the same LF (lamp failure). My husband came home first and found out the lamp doesn’t go off even when the buttons are pushed down. Since I was the one left the house later, he checked with me if the doors were closed. I confirmed so. We called to request for repair, but the answer was the same — out of warranty == pay out of your pocket. But maybe we were lucky or my husband really did a good job, we got the authorization of free repair. We had the lamp/board/fixture replaced, along with a new control board. This problem went away since then, and of course we are paying extra caution about closing the doors.
    After that incidence, we had yet another upgraded control board replaced by LG to save more energy and we even get cash back from LG for the extra energy cost. We are happy now.
    But but but……recently I noticed some weird noise. Today the noise lasted for more than 10 min, and I had to check what’s going wrong, but couldn’t figure out. I opened the doors then the noise went away. I’ll see how long before the noise comes back. I hope this thing can still work – I like this style + thinking of $2000 paid for this — can’t accept it stop working after only 3+ years.

  94. I had a similar issue. The lights inside of the refigerator failed to turn off after closing doors. Causing refigerator temp to rise, plastic above lights to melt and bubble, the light sockets are blackened the cover for the lights is also melted. We smelled smoke at the time. The bulbs are the ORIGINAL bulbs (2 X 60watt 120V). The doors were fully closed, this was verified by opening both doors and depressing both light switch buttons at the same time and the lights failed to turn off. I contacted LG products and was told that it was out of warranty and not covered but they would send someone to look at it.

    Researching the event on the web has revealed many instances like mine. LG claims to not have heard of any. But the repair service (BD Home Services in Alpena, MI) has told me he has repaired many LG refigerators for the same thing and that LG has a REPAIR KIT for it.

    Now, if LG has a repair kit, how can they say that they don’t know anything about it?

    I have contacted the CPSC and am going to talk to an attorney.

  95. M. Sanchez Says:

    We are experiencing the same problems with our LG LFX25960SB. I am so disappointed in this refrigerator. We have had it for 3 years and have had many problems. This biggest problem (and scariest) is the light not turning off and making everything hot inside. I woke up to a burning smell and had to throw away a lot of food. I am so thankful that it did not catch on fire while we were sleeping. LG is sending someone to replace the light fixture but I don’t even want this fire hazard in my house! I just want my money back so I can sleep sound at night and not wonder if my house will catch on fire.

    Other problems with this refrigerator are icemaker stops working. Draws constantly break. I have to keep super glue around at all times so I can glue pieces back on. There are hairline cracks in the plastic pieces and the draw rollers break off. Also, the outside front dents very easily.

    I should not have to be afraid of an appliance. This product is a hazard and it definately needs to be recalled.

  96. Yes, my incident happened the other night. I happened to go into our refrigferator right before heading to bed and couldn’t believe the heat. When I went to move something, all the jars and bottles were hot to the touch and the light casing and plastic were melted. We had to use the
    Ovglove to unsrew the bulbs as they were soo hot. We previously had issues with the icemaker too. Believe me I will be calling LG tomorrow along with the Consumer Protection Agency, etc. This is definitely a fire hazard and safety issue. This product needs to be recalled. If this company is not willing to do anything about this, a class action would be in order. I will keep you posted on my experience with LG.

  97. I’m shocked to find this site while looking for refrigerator’s manual as this issue just happened to us! When my wife called me at work she said something seems off as the items on top shelf are warm of our LFC22760ST. When I got home an hour later the top display with lights has already melted off and dropped down the screws exposing insides. I checked if the doors locked and they did however light stays on with doors closed!!! I had a hell of a time ripping it all out to prevent further damage, but I did manage to pop off the melted clear plastic from light bulbs and unscrew them off for now. What’s next? We have the fridge for the past 2 y and 9 months. I’m sure if unattended it would have burned up as temperature on middle shelf where we keep little digital thermometer was at 27 Clecius.

  98. OK, I am so glad to have found this site. I’ve got an LG LFC25760SB which we purchased at the Home Depot a couple of years ago. A few months ago we opened the french doors and the lights did not come on and the assembly was hot. I closed the doors and opened them again and the lights came on. I tried a few times that night to replicate the problem but could not. Well, just this week we have the same thing happen with the lights not coming on and the assembly hot to the touch. Fortunately they weren’t hot enough to cook anything but I was concerned about having a possible fire hazard in my house. I unplugged the unit for a few minutes to see if that would reset anything and that didn’t work, the lights came on when the doors were closed. I’ve removed the bulbs and plan on calling LG first thing in the morning. I checked the US CPSC and didn’t see a recall for my model LG. I’ll follow up with LG’s response. I’m hoping that LG will own up to their obvious manufacturing issue.

  99. I’m shocked to find this site while looking for refrigerator’s manual as this issue just happened to us! When my wife called me at work she said something seems off as the items on top shelf are warm of our LFC22760ST. When I got home an hour later the top display with lights has already melted off and dropped down the screws exposing insides. I checked if the doors locked and they did however light stays on with doors closed!!! I had a hell of a time ripping it all out to prevent further damage, but I did manage to pop off the melted clear plastic from light bulbs and unscrew them off for now. What’s next? We have the fridge for the past 2 y and 9 months. I’m sure if unattended it would have burned up as temperature on middle shelf where we keep little digital thermometer was at 27 Celsius.

  100. Lorrie Morris Says:

    Last night our Kenmore Elite Trio fridge did the same thing to us. I found a site, complaintsboard.com and many letters describing the exact same problem. Apparently these refrigerators are made by LG. I contacted a few people through this site and found that NOW Sears is sending out replacement parts and a free service call to fix the problem. It’s due to a circuit board malfunction and this has to be replaces as well as the light fixture. I am appalled that nothing has been “done” about this problem. I intend on contacting our local news station (San Francisco Bay Area) to see if they will do a story. Even if my fridge gets fixed at no cost to me, my son and his family have one as well as my mother-in-law…how long before theirs “burn up”. My son has two sons under the age of 4…this Grandma isn’t settling for an easy fix! I am also wondering when our ice maker will go out and we have water all over our hardwood floors…this seems to be a common problem as well.

  101. I was glad to see this site last night as I was searching for issues/recall information for my LG LFC25760ST purchsed in 08.2006. I just happened to open the door late last night only to discover a nasty burning plastic smell and an unusually warm climate. I quickly discovered the light panel was melting off the screws holding it in place, brown burn marks on the wire housing and the plastic above the light housing bubbled. This easily could have progressed to a fire while our family was sleeping. I have also heard odd noises coming from the freezer that sound like the hiss of water dripping on something electrical so will have them look into that too. I registered this on the CPSC site and am about to contact LG for resolution – it will be helpful to have these stories as support.

    We went through a similar situation with GE about 4 years ago for a fire that started with faulty electrical panel wiring on our Profile dual fuel. Fortunately it was under warranty and they “repaired” two of the faulty wires. There was a recall about two years laster for the other two wires – I had asked for those to be replaced but they refused.

    It is interesting to find out that there has not been a recall for the fridge considering many people have submitted to CPSC.

  102. 2 days ago I opened my LG LFC25760TT, which was bought last year ,to burning plastic. It had only been closed 3 hrs earlier. The control unit was red hot and had fallen from the roof of the frig. I got the bulbs out after prying off the distorted plastic cover.
    I have an extended warranty but called LG since I don’t want them to put in another identical unit but one that has the problem fixed – probably a pipe dream! They are going to give me an answer in 5 days – like they don’t know now?! The repair people have ordered the parts but don’t have any idea when they will appear since they are a special order. I am very worried about leaving the house with a timebomb ticking in the frig. Has there been any class action started on this issue?

  103. I have LG model LFX25960ST that I purchased in Oct of 07. I woke up to find that it was hot in the fridge, everything spoiling, called a technician who came out a few days later. The bulb had not turned off when doors were closed and thus the bulb melted all of the plastic on the outside of it, and could have caused a fire. This coming after I was offered a check from LG regarding the engergy savings not being correct when it was sold,which I did not cash. I had asked them to replace my fridge and give me a fridge with the energy savings that I had origionally thought I was purchasing, they declined. And now this…..does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit pending that I can join!!!!!

  104. Another similar incident to add to the list: Got up early and went down to the kitchen, and noticed that I could see some light coming from the refridgerator in the darkness. Opened it up to find the light on, the housing partially melted and drooping, a smell of burning plastic, and most of the food nearby quite warm. Fortunately, one of the bulbs had burned out a while back and I hadn’t yet replaced it, so the heat was only from one bulb and there was less damage than there could have been. I called their customer service number, and they are going to send someone out to replace it next week for free. I got the impression that they are well aware of the problem by now. The model number of the unit is LFC25760TT.

    Huge thanks to the person who started this forum – it empowers us consumers to know when the problem is not a single random incident.

  105. We bought an LG fridge (LRSC29615SW) from American and after 2 years had to have the sealed system replaced. Thank God that was covered under the 5 year manufacturer’s warranty – but that band-aid didn’t last long. Six months later the same stuff started happening again, ice machine quit working, freezer stopped freezing, the fridge part had no cool air and now the electric control board won’t work. What a heap of junk! I couldn’t seem to find this make number anywhere on the board – just curious if anyone else had this experience. I’m just worried now about the fire hazzard.

  106. Barry Wright Says:

    We were fortunate to discover the same problem at the very start. We have the LFX25960TT model. We smelled electrical heating at one point, and I immediately unscrewed the lamps in time. Calling LG tomorrow, since we have an extended warranty through Home Depot. After reading most of the complaints with LG above, I’m a bit leery I won’t be getting quick service!

  107. I have the same problem – however, I did purchase the extended warranty and my 3 year old fridge is still covered. 16 days later and I am still waiting for the new parts – 5 calls to the service people and they don’t know where my parts are- lovely

  108. We just had this problem. A few weeks ago we blamed the kids for leaving the door ajar and letting the lights overheat and slightly melt the plastic cover. Tonight my wife looked into the fridge and we smelled melted plastic as the doors were closing. Lights, metal, plastic so hot we had to use silicon hot pads to unscrew the bulbs and still could touch the bulbs only a second or two at a time. We are slightly over the 3 year limit, hope we can still get it fixed. This was my wife’s dream fridge; she is VERY angry!

  109. another PO'd LG customer Says:

    Like many of u we outfitted our entire kitchen with LG. On 08Dec2009 our black 2006 french door (no water) fridge did the same thing u described. I came home to find the casing dropped, the top fridge liner melted, the bulb sockets burnt, the food in fridge warm and the cheese slices melted ong with their plastic. It was purchased 3 yrs 4 months earlier n installed 3 yrs 1 month. I called LG immediately. They said thet wud take care of it….warranty didn’t apply. That made me search online – bingo! Obviously a known issue. Repairman came and gave his recommendatiion of unrrpairable after 3 days. LG supposedly submitted my repair to returns 3 times. The latest is I have to wait until Jan 4th for them to review it. Nice they screeed up 3 times in the last 2 wks, now I have further delay. I get mixed messages but they will either replace it, give me full refund or a prorated refund. We’ll have to wait. At any rate they said it wouldn’t be resolved until 2-3 weeks after review. So that means Jan 25. We actually went and bought a cheap (500) garage fridge right after it broke. Living out of a garage fridge in 10 degree weather. With 2 kids sucks. Returns told me theyu suggest I rent one or try to get loaner but they cudnt authorize pmt for it. No shit! They suggested I get something for a fridge in the meantime..brilliant! So we’ll wait to c what ‘returns’ and their ‘executive services says about it after the holidays. I’m being really nice until I have to play my cards. If they don’t reimburse me fully for the fridge, I’m going to tell them it ids not acceptable. I’ll ask for a contact name and address for certified letter deliveries (legal dept). Theb I’m waltzing down to my local county courthouse, paying my 100 and filing a small claim for the cost of fridge, rental/cost of new fridge, spoilage of food. This way, they can pay 4x thr cost of my fridge to fly someone’s @ss to the hearing. Also, if u r interested, there is a law firm in san fran soliciting feedback for a possible class action. Google lg refrigerator melt san francisco and fill out their form. It is a 4 name firm ending with bernstein. Good luck and join me in prayer that my 1000 lg range, my 700 lg dishwasher (already replaced once when 5 mos old) and my 350 lg microwave does crap out like my 1600 refrigerator did. This consumer would never buy another LG again. We shud have listened to my bro’s friend before we outfitted our entire kitchen with LG. He said “they look great but pray u never have toi service them”. Shud have listened! Good luck to all of u and may the force be with all of us as we make lemonade out if all these (LG) lemons!

  110. peter anders Says:

    Had a same thing happen to us yesterday with LFX25960ST. Wife called me in panic that the fridge is burning hot and the plastic is melting from the lights not shutting off. The damage was done to the fridge but at least our house did not go up in smoke and nobody got hurt – this time… I called the 1-800# on the fridge and they seemed to know exactly whats going on. Gave me a # to a local repair facility and told me to give them codeRD. The next day I called them and immediately they recognized the code. They told me that they will order the parts and call me with day they will come over to fix it up. Seems like that is ongoing problem and I hope that they will not just give me the same parts so I will have to worry about the well being of my family when this happens again…

  111. I recently had the sqme issue happen to me. I called the LG support center and they refered me to a local technician for repairs. I asked the LG customer support if this was going to be covered by LG and his reply was “YES” . The next day i called the repair shop for an appointment for them to come over and troubleshoot. I asked the technician if this was going to be covered by LG and his reply was “YES” as long as i had the receipt. he also stated that he was going to place the order for the special part that LG had upgraded due to this issue. Mind you this all happened right before new years so due to holidays and other excuses I’m still awaiting for the tech to call me back to schedule an appointment. They (LG) needs to be proactive and warn the customers of these issues. This could definetly cause damage to a home or death caused by fire….not happy with LG

  112. I had the melt down of the light casing on my 3 year old LFC25760sb. When I called LG they were aware of this type failure and arranged for free service. The tech came and replaced the main board, housing, wire harness and light. The new main board has a bigger relay and the wire harness has a safety shutdown built in. The problem should be solved.

    Just in case, I had the tech leave me the old main board. I will replace the relay and save it as a spare. Based on all the logs – I might need it for another failure type.

    LG treated me just fine.

  113. We had the same problem just this week. Called LG, said it is a known issue, will be out next week to fix it — parts and labor covered, even though unit is 3 yrs old. While I’m pleased they are taking care of it, I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a recall.

  114. Same issues in our home with this product lg lfx25960st. Lights stuck on causing meltdown of light cover. No ice from ice maker. Ice dispenser stuck. When will it be recalled?!

  115. Well, I guess I am in company with my outrage towards LG. Our model
    #LFX25960ST gave us the fire/meltdown event with the interior light on Sunday morning. Looks bad, smells worse, and then Customer service is sending a repair man. Too little to late is their response, I already went through the frozen crisper and all the ruined vegetables over and over, the energy consumption repair which left a terrible door seal issue, and the ice maker issues. Now instead of not only the fourth fridge full of ruined food, but could of burned our house down! Does anyone know of any legal action towards LG concerning this product?

  116. Our bottom freezer LG also went bad in the manner described above. The unit was 2.5 yrs old. LG is paying for the job. I hope they do it right…replace board with new temp sensor.

  117. I am glad that someone started this dialogue in reference to this very expensive Easy Bake Oven. Wow…same story as many of you. Woke up and headed downstairs to make breakfast on Sun morning only to find the digital control unit dangling by the electrical wires. It was very warm inside…melted butter and warm milk. Glad we were not on vacation of this would have been much worse I am afraid.

    After removing the light bulbs and all of the salvagable food, I did some research and came upon this blog. I called LG customer service expecting to have to battle my way into a service call, but instead I encounted just the opposite. After describing the problem and giving the model, serial number, store and date of purchase, I asked if she was familiar with this problem. She said she was and told me that after i removed the bulbs, the fridge would continue to work. She then proceeded to schedule a service call, free of charge to replace the digital control unit. She said with the replacement, this should never happen again. Appt was 1 week out, but overall, I was surprised and impressed by how LG Customer Service handled the situation.

    I spoke with Keniesha at (800)243-0000 x7523. She was very professional and helpful. If the repair doesn’t go well or this happens again, I will provide an update. Thanks again to whoever started this! Good luck!

  118. I forgot to mention that the model # is LFC25760SW bought on 9/23/06. They claim they will repair it free of charge as of 1/24/10. We’ll see…

  119. had same light issues with model LFD22860SW.

    After a week of trying I finally got approval for an extended warranty exemption. Upon attempting to call a service center, I found out their list of service centers is out of date( most of them are out of business, and those who arent wont work on it if they didnt sell it to you). Executive service team member had the same results when I called LG back.

    I am now faceing a 3-5 day wait on their “scheduleing department” to call me. ??? What are they going to schedule?

    I am currently in the market for a new washer and dryer set( mine died ). Do you REALLY, REALLY think i am going to entertain the idea of the LG rand? I dare say my I will have a new set in hand, before I have a resolution to my fridge problem.

    Good Luck to you all, I hope your problems are soon fixed

  120. There is a major problem with LG Refrigerators starting fires…..I know. SUE LG ! Their North Korean communist, and sell their falty products in the United States and Canada, rake in the $$$$$$ then sit back and laugh, maybe if you sue them you can also get the last laugh ~Charm

  121. Robert C. Says:

    I came across the same issue last night 3/12/10. Does anyone know of any updated information from LG… I have 2 kids at home and do NOT want to have our house burn to the ground because of this faulty FIRE hazzard! I’ve had my LG refridgerator for almost 3 years now. I removed the light bulbs last night and hope when I get home from work, the house is not burned down because of this FIRE risk! LG needs to step up and replace this refridgerater or PERMANENTLY fix this issue for FREE of charge.!

  122. After being slapped upside of the head for the past 3 years about this issue, LG may have gotten a clue. We bought our LFC25760SB in Feb 2007. Worked OK for 2 years – then my Wife called with the now common complaint “Our refrigerator cooked all of the food inside.” Incredulous (and STUPID on my part) – I thought she must have left the door open a crack and this caused the lights to stay on. Being more clever than intelligent, I repaired the molten plastic, screwed everything back in place – and SHAZAM!! everything worked again – until this week. My daughter noted a funny plastic smell – sure enough – the control panel was again melted and hanging from the top of the fridge. After removing the light-bulbs to prevent further ‘easy-bake oven’ activity, I noticed the control panel was so badly warped, I had to straighten it with a heat gun to get it back in (removing the electronic board first to prevent heat damage). I looked at the tiny wires leading to the door closure switches – they are far too small to directly control the light bulbs – so there must be a defective control circuit somewhere in the fridge. The connection to the control panel IN the fridge (yes – the one that melted) only has 4 wires – (must be Ground, Power, and a serial data line – not enough wires for a dedicated light control – so THAT relay or Triac must be somewhere else!! – yes – I am an electrical engineer).
    I mentioned LG must now have a clue because after my call this afternoon, without too much fuss, they will be dispatching a repairman to remedy the defect. I’m sure the first trip will be to assess the situation; then he’ll have to order parts and come back to complete the repair. Until then, however, there will be NO light bulbs in that fridge. I will make sure that, in addition to replacing the warped ceiling controller, the repairman orders a replacement for whatever OTHER components need an update (Triac/Relay board).
    I hope LG has learned their lesson and have designed better fridge light fail-safes into their products. Certainly does give me pause before wanting another LG Easy-Bake Refrigerator.

  123. upset consumer Says:

    **I am shocked that I bought an LG Fridge in 2007 from Home Depot as well, model LFX25960ST with same problem-did they never fix this problem?***The same thing happened to my fridge which is about 2 years old now. When I contacted lg 4months ago I was met with frustration trying to get someone out to look at problem then when I did, they wanted to cover up the bubbles were from the heat on the liner-except that I pointed out that the liner is cracked, and asked how they would fix that..now today the settlement office called and offered to give me less the 1/2 the amount of what I paid for the fridge two years ago-I declined the offer she placed me on hold then offered to send me a bran new replacement fridge, except that it would have no warrenty-the origional warrenty from my first purchase 2 years ago would stand for this unit…confused I asked why she would send me same model, she said that was all she could do…I told her she could close her case. I am better of getting a lawyer and going to small claims court-these big buisiness’s think she are not liable to the consumer, that they can just make falty units that say they are energy savings when they are not(which I never cashed that check) then expect the consumer to just take it. I am tied of them getting away with it. Does anyone know of a lawsuit that is pending for all these falty units?

  124. We’ve just joined the ranks of the Burning Light Fixture brigade >:-( Removed the bulbs, called LG, they say they’re coming out tomorrow morning. I’ll reserve judgment until after I see what they do. The water dispenser also jammed several months ago, and reading up on their poor response, we just stopped using it and got a Pur jug dispenser for the fridge. I will never, ever buy another LG product.

  125. LFC25760ST coming up on four years old, out of warranty, burning smell, melting light shield and fixture falling off top of refrigerator. LG customer service rep said they would cover the service call. Told me to check to see if the bulbs were staying on by opening the door and pressing in the switch at top. I did and the light stayed on, although now when I press it the light goes out. Took out the bulbs. Called LG 10:45 pm Monday night and they have a service call scheduled here in Northern New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon. Glad I found this before going to bed.

  126. I couldn’t believe this is still happening, but it does to my Frig this week. My model is LFC25760SB purchased in late 2007 at Best Buy. It happen once before few months back but we didn’t any attention because it didn’t done any damage other than some warm food. But this time, it was hot enough to cause the control panel to fall off from the mounting. It was lucky we discovered it time before it turned into fire and burn down my house. I reported it to CPSC and Consumer Report today. LG goes to sent an repair person to fix my unit tomorrow, no charge. I am wondering if CPSC is wating for someone got killed before acting on this fire harzard issue.

  127. Same issue–Lights melted plastic and burned plastic containers on shelf below, and will not turn off without disconnecting the assembly. LG LFD22860ST. I purchased this piece of junk brand new in APR 2007. The door seal assembly also broke after only 14 months, just outside the warranty period. I haven’t found a lot of complaints for this exact model; however, the symptoms are identical, so it must be the same relay failure. I really don’t want to replace the main board at a cost of $150 just for the part. Has anyone identified the actual switch or component on the board that is failing?

  128. Just to keep this alive; today I opened my fridge to find the same problem as above. Melted/heated food, and melting light housing. This on my 3 year old LFX25960 POS. Called LG (actually got some one who spoke English, in Alabama) and they are sending out a repair person (again) Wednesday. No extended warranty (never will buy them) but they said no problem. This fridge already had the ice maker replaced, and the board to make it more energy efficient was refused by me after reading up on it, and asking the repair guy what he thought. Thumbs down to it.

    I also have an LG dryer with a cracked drum, and a washer that sprung a leak. All three years old. I fixed both of those *myself* after getting the middle finger from LG.

    I too will never waist money and time buying LG again.

  129. Vanessa Says:

    Hello anyone having issues with LG dishwashers catching on fire? Ours did last week. We usually run the dishes at night before we go to bed…I am glad we did not that day!

  130. Diane Nikro Says:

    It amazes me that LG can keep trading when they have life threatening products! in August 2008 an LG split system air conditioner burned down our whole house. I can’t begin to state the impact this has had on our lives, we are so grateful that we escaped with our lives. i wrote to them and they never even paid me the courtesy of a response. I live in fear of hearing of a death due to the same problem. apparently ours is not an isolated incident with this type of LG air conditioner!

  131. Ginger Staffanson Says:

    My husband went to make coffee this morning and the fridge smelled like rotting meat. The filet roast I put out to thaw was ruined and warm. I noticed a butning plastic smell and it turned out the light bulbs were extremely hot. I removed the entire assembly because the bulbs were too hot to manage. Then I went to my computer and did a search for “lg refridgerator burn light bulb” and found your site. Please add me to your list if you compile a full set of complaints. My unit is an LFX25970.

  132. We own the LFX25960ST purchased from HH Gregg in Sept 2007. This morning my wife wakes me up at 5AM and says there is something very wrong with the fridge. When I open the fridge, it was HOT inside. Everything on the top shelf was pretty much cooking and the plastic housing for the lightbulbs were melting. I managed to get to the bulbs to unscrew them, and was quite surprised when I burned my fingers despite wearing leather work gloves. Those are some serious bulbs.

    Anyway, I called LG customer service and they are having someone stop by to do the repair at their expense.

  133. Same exact issue as the original poster. Same model # and result. (Pictures could have been taken of my melted light housing). Refrigerator bought 03/2007. Called LG tonight (Sunday). They scheduled a tech to be here on Wednesday. So, being as my unit is over 3 years old, they know about the issue and are still offering to have it fixed. CPSC incident report filed.

  134. NEAL KASKEL Says:


  135. Gary in Bowie, MD Says:

    7/19/2010, I was on vacation but my son was home, thankfully, and noticed the temp in refrigerator, model #LFC25760SW, was up to 60 degrees. He called me and said the lights are stay on when the doors are closed. I said he’s nuts, then did a quick Google searched and had to apologize to him when I found numerous other complaints like this!!! Today, when we got home from vacation, 7/26, we called 24 hour LG customer service. They sounded very familiar with the problem. Asked when and where we bought the fridge (November, 2006 at Home Depot), but they did not ask us to fax a copy of the receipt. They immediately set up an appointment for an LG “specialist” repair person to come out Friday, 7/30/10, not charge for parts or labor the CS said. I also filed a complaint with the CPSC. I am still amazed there has been not recall or class action suit or something.

  136. Joe Cirbus Says:

    I have the same problem with the lights in my LG refrigerator. Can anyone give me the LG Customer Service telephone number to get this repaired?

  137. M. Luqmani Says:

    We have an LG double door refrigerator model # LFX25960ST. The light bulb would not turn off and burnt the refrigerator panel on the top. Luckily we caught this before the fridge caught fire but there is quite a bit of damage. The panel displays weird temperatures from time to time. Called LG who authorized to send a technician to fix the problem as part of warranty extended to fix the light bulb problem. The sides of the doors remain warm and the water dispenser does not provide ice cold water. Has anyone with such LG problems have been approved for a replacement fridge by LG?

  138. Mark Umanec Says:

    this happened to me too

  139. Same thing happened to me in October 07, my photos are here:


    It was a major hassle to get them to fix it but in the end they came out and repaired it.

    Today (9/5/2010) I noticed the bulbs out, I thought it was odd both would go out at the same time. I took the cover off the bulbs and it was super hot. I tested the bulbs and they were fine. Then I put them back in and they came back on. Once again though they will not shut off when the door switches are pushed in. I’m glad I caught it this time before things melted and my food started to spoil again. I just called and they are sending someone out again to fix it. I hope it goes smoother than last time.

  140. david williams Says:

    Fridge Model # LFD21860ST
    SAME PROBLEM…….woke up this morning. Smelled burning plastic.
    The bulbs in the fridge were red hot and the plastic housing molten.
    Just a few moments from ahouse fire.
    There is obviously a serious problem here. Judging from this forum we are not alone.
    David Williams (Canada)

  141. After 2 & 1/2 years we experienced the same thing on our French door mod. LFD22860SW. The original lamp assembly was replace and the same event occurred within one week. I do not believe that the factory fix is just that a fix. I am a register Safety person and do safety analysis for a living on many products including aircraft systems and automotive systems. I am an engineer. I intend to make it my mission to get to the root cause of this issue. I tink I know the cause of this problem.

    If you have a lawyer, I will work with them. I think this may need to go to court.

    If you choose to share evidence with me please e-mail me @ j.rengert@cox.net but please use the title block to reference LG Rerfrig. LIghting Issue

  142. same same same as all above..LG sux

  143. David Lewton Says:

    Same problem. Purchased refrigerator with cross bottom freezer from Home Depot. I believe the unit was only minutes from bursting into flames. This looks like lawsuit city to me. LG could care less.

  144. This is my second time my LG model number LRFC 22750TT has burned up and caused the temp element to melt down. The bulbs get so hot that they burn everything in sight. Luckily my daughter called me at work to let me know the refrigerator was overheating, i went home unscrewed the bulbs with a pair of oven mittens because the were so damn hot even after the refrigerator was off one hour. Need to call LG to get this damn thing fixed again. I suggest a class action lawsuit and now some very good attorneys.

  145. Had the same problem with everything in the fridge melting, all the food “cooking”, spoiling, etc. Called LG and of course, they would take no responsibility for the problem other than to say that they would send out a repairman to correct the problem. To make a long story shorter, the company who fixed my refridgerator let me know that LG had given this particular “problem” a code of RD because it is so widespread! Not that LG has ever admitted that!
    At least it has gotten fixed (it only took two weeks) . . .
    A friend of mine has a Sears Kenmore (also an LG, but with the Sears logo on it) that now has the same problem and he is now fighting Sears!
    Anyone wanting to start a class action suit – sign me up! This is not the first problem with this fridge, and I’m quite certain it won’t be the last!


    Just had second melting of light panel. My wife has been telling me that produce was freezing,but I did not react before first light panel changed. I put thermometers in bin and top of box. Set box at 39 and produce bin was 28 next morning. Second panel and control board has been ordered by repair service. Will check after new control board is in place to see if it corrects problem.

  147. When we originally bought our LG several years ago and plugged it in, the fan in the back caught fire. LG customer service was a nightmare, but we finally had the stupid frig replaced after the repairman said that this was not a new problem. Now, several years later my husband and I got into an argument because the light casing was melted and there was a brown spot on the plastic (FIRE) I swore the light were staying on and he said the doors were left open. Well, the light turns off if you leave the doors open for too long – I know because when I clean the stupid thing out they turn off. Now I find this site and realize this is serious. We too have had problems with things freezing and being ruined. I am not keeping this thing and I am very angry that LG has received any of my money. I will never buy anything LG again – that includes cellular phones! I would like to have an update about the class action. I have a baby in the house and if anything happened to her due to their lack of response I would go off the deep end!

  148. Joanne Wilkinson Says:

    On October 9, 2010 my LG refrigerator model # LFC25760TT had the same problem with the light bulbs. They failed to shut off when the doors were closed resulting in the bulbs becoming super-heated. The unit housing the light bulbs melted (even the metal parts melted) and the food on the top shelf was ruined. This happened in a nine hour period. If I had gone away I am sure the refrigerator would have caught on fire. LG said the faulty part will be replaced with a new one, but I am not sure they have actually solved the issue of why the light bulbs stay on once the door is shut.

  149. I went to get some milk for my daughter before bed and opened the LG fridge #LFC22760SW to find a horrible stench of melting plastic. The housing had fallen off onto our food and the shelves were hot to touch. Some food was warm. I had to remove the bulbs with oven mitts and found the inside of the sockets were scorched. This was only luck that I too discovered it before we were all in bed. The fridge was fine only a couple of hours before that with no indication that anything was wrong. We are going to try to get something done tomorrow. We are up in Canada and hope the place we bought it from 4 years ago will help us out.
    OMG!!! Who knew?!

  150. Woke up this morning, opened the door and smelt something burning in my 606KRWZ01521 refrigerator. I jumped on line to research the problem. I found information regarding a class action suit. When I called at 8:15 am, I was given a repair appointment a week from today. They need to order the part. I was told to remove the bulbs and plug it back in. Service so far is good. LG says there will be no charge to me. After reading messages on this site, I am concerned it will happen again? Why haven’t they recalled this appliance? Engineers earn big bucks to design faulty items and the consumers pay. How sad!

  151. James Trobec Says:

    Same issue here. Two year old Model LFD 22860TT. This happened three times. First two times I thought that my kids had bumped the light. I replaced the melted light housing at $65.00 a crack. Found the lights on the other day and very warm in the refrigerator. Finally determined that there was an issue as the lights continued to stay on while the door was closed. Will have to call Customer Service and see what they say. It will be interesting to see what Sears says regarding the extended warranty I purchased.

  152. Just following up to my post back a little while ago. LG sent a local repair person to come out and fix it with the latest fix (not sure exactly what that is) This was the second time for me. It was covered 100% but still a hazard. I did file a complaint with the consumer board.

  153. I too had the melting light. Please report this problem to CPSC!!! It took 90 seconds to report it on their website. Go to this link to report it. Perhaps they will eventually recall the fridges.


  154. Joe Erschen Says:

    Just had it happen to me. Found it soon enough to avoid damamge.

  155. We just had this happen today!! I’m glad we came home when we did, I have no doubt it would have caught on fire. When I tried to take the light bulbs out, it melted my hot pad. Nice.

  156. January 19, 2011

    Yesterday, I opened my LG LFD22860ST refrigerator and found the light cover partially melted and misshapened and badly scorched light sockets. I called my appliance dealer, who turned me over to LG.

    The LG person immediately set up a repair call with a nearby tech for me. The repair agency already called me and will order a new assembly and the motherboard. I am not to incur any charges, and I will be called as soon as the parts arrive.

    This could have led to a catastrophic fire if I had been out of town for an extended period. Certainly, the defective wiring, design and the high-wattage bulbs are a disaster. It was frightening for me.

    Any refrigerator with this type of light assembly should be been recalled a long time ago. I intend to file a complaint with the necessary agency.

    If there is anything else I should do, I would appreciate that information, too.

  157. Amy Thorson Says:

    Same problem. Just took bulbs out after third melt down. First two times thought it was just the doors ajar. (I have four kids). Third time realized it wasn’t working properly and potential for fire hazard was very high since light bulbs were burning my oven mitts when taking out bulbs. Bulb sockets are burnt as with melted lens cover and surrounding area. (I have pictures). After second time I had forsight to move containers of food away from area since oatmeal box had melted. Tossed plenty of food due to the extreme temps. I will be making calls Monday.

  158. Jonathan M Says:

    Hello everyone, I have an LG 3-door French Door refrigerator model #LFC25760TT, purchased back in June 2006. This morning (4.5 years later), I experienced the lighting assembly overheating problem without warning. Luckily I caught the problem within a few hours and it only damaged the assembly and spoiled food on the top shelves. LG’s 800 number personnel answered my call on a Sunday and were very responsive, agreeing to send out a repair technician for free Monday afternoon despite the fact that my unit is long out of warranty. I was instructed to remove the lightbulbs for the time being.

    While I find this problem very concerning, it is the first issue that I have had with this appliance. I am trying to find any official recalls or information about class-action suits on this topic, but have had some difficulty. I did make a claim at the CPSC website.

    Please advise if I need to take further action.

  159. Amy Thorson Says:

    Follow up: Just called customer service on a Sunday and talked with a human (that’s pretty nice!). Talked with “Jamie”. They’ll be sending a repair tech out Friday with a “kit” to fix the “known” problem. Probably will remove bulbs anyway in future for any trips. Kinda a little LG leery after this.

  160. Amy Thorson Says:

    Forgot to mention model#LFX25960SW and purchase date Aug. 2006.


    I just had the same melting light housing, darkened sockets that have been reported here. Mine was with a Kenmore Elite that was manufactured by LG.
    I cannot believe all the incidents and yet LG and Sears both deny responsibility. These refrigerators have a serious design flaw and are a fire hazard. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency and urge everyone else to do so as well.

  162. FIRE HAZARD. This LG refrigerator has been an expensive “boat anchor”! LFX25960 purchased in 2006. Light bulbs in refrigerator would not turn off, melted plastic housing, light bulb sockets burnt, all food hot or melted. The ice maker has never worked right, the doors will only close if you push them shut, and the paint is coming off the handles.

  163. FYI. LG has gotten the message. This happened to me 2/22/11 and I called LG the next day. I described the problem. The CSR was very familiar with the problem. They didn’t balk at sending someone out today, 2/28/11. The technician said there is a relay missing on the master control board. They replaced the board and all damaged pieces at no charge. I learned from our safety folks at work that there is no requirement for recalls on appliances.

  164. BRIAN SIBBALD Says:


  165. Chris Freeman Says:

    My 2006 LG refrigerator model LGC 25760ST S/N 604KRMK00251 turned into an “Easy-Bake Oven” today. Luckily I check the ‘frig often and was able to pull out the bulbs and limited the damage. I am definately filing a complaint with the consumer board and seeking to join the class-action suit.

    • Hey Chris, I also own this pie ce of crap LG product. My fridge model is LFX25960ST. We went into the fridge to find that it was very warm and discovered that the lights stayed on and melted the cover and base under the cover. A definite fire hazard. I will file a complaint with the consumer board also, but where do I find info about the class action lawsuit.


  166. Stephanie Hare Says:

    I have had this happen to my fridge as well. Completely melted the plastic cover for bulbs. We have also had all the water lines to the water dispenser become brittle and leak all over the hardwood floors. Now the newest problem is the ER FF error. We we believe it has to do with the freezer fan. PIECE OF JUNK!!

  167. I guess today was my turn. I opened the door and found the lights pulling from down from the ceiling of the fridge. To bad I didn’t have lobster in there, dinner would have been ready. Butter was perfect. Has anyone had any good resolution from LG? I also have a stainless LG Microwave. It’s terrible too. Stainless doesn’t completely snap to the front of housing. I’ll never buy another one of their products. Good luck.

  168. We will add our name to the never ending list of easy bake oven owners. Our fridge did the same thing this morning. We were home as well. We will be buying a new fridge. After all of the emails, we are scared to even get it fixed:)

  169. What is the status of “said” lawsuit? Looks like there are plenty of cases here on the site. I can add one more – model LFD22860ST. Purchased in Aug 2008. I had the ice maker crap out just over a year after purchase – had to replace that on my own dime as the frig was just out of warranty. Then probably a year after that (unit was 2 years old) I had the same light melting situation occur. As with many of you, fortunately I was home but the entire light unit melted in the process. I didn’t bother getting it fixed (just took bulbs out and continue to suffer with a dark frig) because I knew it would be over $300 out of my pocket, like the ice maker. I finally decided to investigate a replacement light fixture and came across this site. Very depressing and disconcerting. So, what is the status of the lawsuit and/or consumer protection?

  170. Laar B Says:

    Owrs did the same thing. You’ve head those words before. I replaced the 60w with 40s.

  171. My LG french door frig caught fire too. LG to this day 5/10/11, still doesn’t thing that there is a problem or to post it. I have been fightiing with they for 2 months, I was home and only my finger were injured. Hope LG fixes the problem before someone is KILLED.

  172. Hi All, I just off the phone (888-393-6484 automated voice said Zenith!) with LG and they indicated that although the French Door Refrigerator is out of warranty, they will cover on site repair (parts + labor). They also provided 3 independent service companies to contact. Perhaps the class action lawsuit is helping. In any event, I will repost when the lights are “fixed”.

  173. George Bailey Says:

    We have the same problem!!!!!! We purchased from Sears….no more Sears products. Our entire unit went out!!! The wall behind the refrigerator is black…from the burn out.

  174. My husband opened our LG fridge (same as others already posted) and smelled burning wires. He felt the light and it was extremely hot. He had to remove the light bulbs which was very difficult. We can’t believe everyone’s testimony above! I will never buy anything LG again! Looking for something to be done about this.

  175. I also have had the displeasure of a near house fire experience with a LG Refrigerator LFX25960ST.

    Not only has it happened to us once but this is the second time. The first time was caused by us leaving the door partially open all day (I would think an auto light shut would be required when concentrating two 60W within millimeters of plastic).

    This time the doors were closed with the lights running and inside temp at ~100F. Most of the food is ruined and all the plastic near the lights needs to be replaced at ~$75….

    We were going to be out of town for a couple days this weekend…. Thank God it did not happen then…

    I hope something can done to warn people before someone dies….

  176. Wow, Last month our LG dishwasher’s control panel burned out and last night the light fixture melted inside my LG Fridge. We were lucky that we were home when this happened. Beware of LG products.

  177. A. Robishaw Says:

    Add ours to your list! Purchased back in late 2007. Shocked that LG has not recalled this product. I cannot believe it is now 2011 and people continue to have the same serious safety issue! Just glad we caught it before our house burnt down. Please contact me and add me onto any class action suit. Reporting to CPSC today!

  178. This exact thing happend to our frig 6/21/2011 Melted

  179. We are yet another victim of this fridge. We opened the door last night and it was warmer inside the fridge than it was outside. (It’s July in Georgia). The plastic cover to the control panel has melted and no longer functions. When I called the toll free number inside the fridge, the representative acted as if this was the first time she had heard of such a thing happening. Based on this message board alone this has been going on since at least 2008. Tech is coming today or tomorrow to take a look at the problem.

  180. Called LG this evening and they scheduled service call with Dealer i purchased LFC21760ST from for replacing melting light unit and it will be next day service. Frist problem i have had with LG and i have all LG except for entertainment systems and they are all Sony.

  181. Mine failed today too. First a bulb started burning when the door was opened, later the lights failed to shut off even when closed and destroyed the housing and part of the fridge overnight.

  182. The unit has been repaired with updated main board and complete upper control/lamp unit with new revised reflector socket assembly. New lamp cover and lamps were included. Took the repairman about 1/2 hour to repair LFC21760ST.

  183. biguggy Says:

    For anyone else suffering from this please, just call 1-800-695-7026 with your model number and serial number to hand.
    You may get a pleasant surprise should you mention Service Flash SF46.515R5
    The following thread gives details of the Kenmore variants problems and how they have been handled: –

  184. Cristine Says:

    This also happened to my LG fridge model # LFX21960ST. It is ridiculous that LG and Sears (where I bought it) are not looking after customers with the problem – let alone not RECALLING it before someone’s house burns down! I am disgusted with LG and their lack of care for the well being of families! People have been complaining on here since 2008 – is there nothing else that can be done?

  185. To all of you who reach this site with the same complaint please try calling this number
    1 888 294 5782 and mention service flash SF 46-515R5
    I am told it works for both models sold as LG and for those re-badged as ‘Kenmore’, that is those with a model number starting with 795.
    Good Luck

  186. Matthew Pearce Says:

    thx commenters.
    same easy bake problem but LG seems up to speed now after all your good work. repair scheduled, currently covered by very extended warranty…. bulbs out. Wifes complaints turned out to be true.
    bought in 07 – melted last year but didnt “drop till today”.
    New born from last year is a little older now so I found the time to research and call LG.

  187. Well another easy bake oven owner. It’s 315 in the morning and we are luckily awakened by our 9mo old and the smell of burning coming from our LFC25770SB LG French door fridge. My wife and I discover the light housing is melted and hanging down from the ceiling of the refrigerator. 4yrs now with this fridge and aside from the ice falling out the back of the dispenser tray when I open the freezer I have no issues. Now what do we do, I took the bulbs out and plugged it back in. We just finished grocery shopping this weekend. Argh!

  188. George Caines Says:

    You can add us to the list. My wife came home yesterday and went to get some food out of the fridge and the light housing was falling down. It was so hit that it made the kids bread into crutons…..Darn Lucky that it did not burn the house down… I called LG and they said they woould have a tech out in a few days to look at the fridge and they stated that it is under warrenty????? the Fridge is 5 years old the warrenty is long over… From all of the responses I am wondering if they are covering up somthing to avoid legal action! I will be calling back their office and demanding to speak to someone up the chain. Fortunately my company does alot of business with LG so I am sure I can get to the right person and make some noise.

  189. Matthew Pearce Says:

    to follow up….
    called LG, they knew all about the problem as soon as I mentioned model number. Was told to remove bulbs and LG service would be around to look at it Mon afternoon (called friday) – 3 1/2 years old fridge would probably be repaired under warranty.
    On monday LG service guy calls, he’s ordered the parts he knows I need but they havnt arrived so reschedules for Tue. On tue he arrives with new board, bulbs, harness and housing….all with out having looked at my fridge …. he’s seen it before, all replaced under “extended warranty”. BUT new motherboard is not functional, so he orders a new one and replaces that on thursday. Still no charge, leaves extra bulbs and gives me old board which works in a pinch and the new ceramic bulb sockets have thermal over ride protection so would work to shut off lights if old board had to be used in emergency. repair guy also fixed my ice maker which had frozen over years ago and I hadnt gotten around to fixing my self.
    In short LG has got there shit together with the repairs process and all covered under warranty / no cost to me. Wife vindicated, ice maker fixed, knowledgable repair guy didnt try to make any excuses. No complaints from me.



  191. French door LG refrig … same problem. I was away for 2 days when I returned home light housing was hanging, sockets were brown, temp inside was quite hot. I am not sure how long the lights were on but was really lucky that there wasn’t a fire. Called LG consumer line. They had repair made at no charge by local service tech. About 12 parts were replaced … door pins, light housing, sensor, bulbs etc. I did not ask for food replacement allowance. I have also had problem with my LG microwave (metal shelf comes in contact with interior burns through plastic finish) and LG dishwasher (steam leaks throgh seam in door dripping water down door onto hardwood floor). These are expensive appliances with lots of flaws.

  192. Doug Martens Says:

    I have just experienced the exact same problem. Does anybody know if theres been any type of recall?

  193. Ours (2006 model) had a meltdown at the end of August; I opened the doors and everything on the top shelf was hot. The control panel had dropped down from the top and the light bulbs (two 60-watt, original equipment) were so hot they melted the wires and the plastic cover under the lights. The lights did not go off when the door was closed.

    Called a local repairman who pried off the cover and took out one of the bulbs; the socket was scorched and the ceiling liner bubbled from the heat. He estimated at least $300 for parts, plus labor and no way to fix the bubbled liner.

    He checked the Internet and called to tell me there’s a class-action lawsuit in the works because this has happened to so many homeowners. I also had gotten on the Web, and found this list of complaints. We called LG and they sent out a repairman who examined it and took photos. He told them there was no way the fridge could be repaired. I wouldn’t want a fix-up anyway.

    A week later an LG rep called and asked us to fax our original sales receipt. Then she called back and offered a refund of $600 because the fridge is five years old and out of warrenty. I already knew that their current model retails for $1700+ and is the only size they make that will fit our space. It also has LED low-watt bulbs.

    I told her the refund was unacceptable because of the potential fire hazard we’ve been living with for three years (since the fridge was actually installed in KY) and the pending class-action lawsuit; we are not willing to settle for anything but a new refrigerator. She “conferred with her management,” and came back on the line to say they would replace it. She even had the new model number — which I already knew.

    This morning our new refrigerator was delivered and the damaged one hauled away. I’m hoping LG has learned their lesson and that this one will last several years.

    Anyone who has this problem should insist on a new refrigerator.

    • P.S. The new refrigerator does not have a separate warranty. If there had been warranty time remaining from the old one, it would have transferred over. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s the way it is; I’ll have to live with it. At least the new refrigerator’s icemaker shuts itself off when the bin is full.

  194. Oh My Gosh! Ours just had the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  195. We bought ours back in March of 2007. This baby nearly caught fire tonight. There was a blast of heat as I opened the doors. Everything on the top shelf was boiling and the light fixture was hanging by the wires. The plastic holding the screws were melted and the housing around the light bulbs was scorched. Our model # is LFC25760SB. The service dept is having someone come in three days. Hate when things go wrong on the weekend. Just adding our experience to the list.

  196. I opened our LG Model 25760SB double door fridge this morning to find the light fixture hanging by the wires with the plastic melted. I thought someone had knocked it off until I read all these reports about the lights not switching off. My wife said she smelt burning last night in the fridge and the yogurt felt warm, so it had been on for over 6 hours and was busy melting the light fixture and cover. We are heading off on vacation for 2 weeks, the fridge might have caught fire and burned the house down in that amount of time.

  197. came home to find my LG, 3 door fridge turned into a LG, 3 door oven/freezer. The plastic housing screws heated and melted the housing and the housing was sitting on our too hot to touch cans of pop. Will be calling LG tomorrow.

  198. John Hall Says:

    I have the same problem. The first time this happened I thought the button to turn the light off just got stuck. We opened the fridge door and the entire plastic cover and housing had melted. All the food in the upper part of the fridge was easily over 110 degrees F. I pushed the two door buttons in and all of a sudden the lights went out. I thought this was just a freak occurrence so I ordered a new cover and housing costing me over $50.00. Now it is 8 months later and the same thing happened again. I am so over LG refrigerators! I spent $2000.00 for this piece of crap. I will never buy another LG product if they refuse to take care of this problem. I believe this could cause a serious fire if someone went away on vacation and the lights remained on without the owners knowing. I’ll give LG a call and see if they will take care of this.

  199. John Hall Says:

    To be fair, I just called LG and they were extremely helpful. They said there is a service bulletin on this problem and they will fix it free of charge.

  200. lg Fridge model LR FD 22850 SW, lights stays ON, when doors are closed, Fridge turned to oven, all foods are now in the garbage can. Changed the sockets, and melted plastic covers, NO GOOD, same problem. Installed a plain thermometer to monitor the temperature.
    With light assembly removed, temperature was steady 37 degrees.
    With light assembly installed, temperature went up to 89 degrees.
    Quick fix, removed light assembly, now temperature is going down, to keep foods fresh.
    Never buy an LG product again. Trying to reach LG customer support: “FUTILE”.

  201. Just had this happen to our fridge tonight. Too bad I didn’t think to look though the LG common problems before tonight. It didn’t catch on fire, but did melt the light assembly off the mounts; just like others describe. I’ve removed the light assembly, and plugged the LED board back on – not sure if I needed to or not. It is a Sunday night, so I’ll try calling tomorrow. Bought in 2007 though, so we’ll see.

  202. Krystal Brobst Says:

    Our fridge Model #LFX25960ST just did this to us tonight. We got home from church and smelled the air in the house cuz it smelled like something was burning. I went into the fridge to get my son some milk and the overwhelming smell of burning plastic made me sick!! The light unit behind the door was burning hot and the plastic kool-aid pitcher was very hot to touch as it was on the top shelf . Very scary!! I see from the posts on here that LG is very uncooperative. I will pursue legal action and do a class action suit with anyone that this has happened to if they do not do something. I am scared to go to bed now. We took the light bulbs out for fear of the house burning down while we sleep. We also have an LG microwave that we bought at the same time that was replaced within warranty that was burning inside. The second one they gave to us had a door seal problem but since it was out of warranty they would not replace it. We now have an old 15 year old microwave on the counter while the expensive LG above stove one sits unused.

    We bought our LG appliances in August 2006.

  203. Wow…we bought Kenmore Elite (made by LG) at about the same time your meltdown occurred, three years ago. It’s been fine until just last week, when we also experienced the lights staying on when the doors were closed. (Well, except for the lights NOT going when the doors were opened occasionally.)

    We just received official notification of the class action suit yesterday, and I called Sears to see what to do. Apparently there is an organization taking care of the problem, repairing the issue for free at LG’s behest. The number to call is 1-800-659-7026. Hope this helps someone!

  204. There is now a proposed class action settlement for this problem with these refrigerators. The details are here: –

    • Also a number of fridges were under rated on the “energy star” rating. LG sent me a check for $80 to pay up the extra electricity my fridge used but I didn’t know it had a 60 day expire on it so I called LG and asked for a new check as I let it expire. They had me send in the old check and I never got another $80 replacement check. I did get last week a class settlement check for $3 that said if I cashed it I would relieve LG from all future actions. The check got tore up;

  205. Dear ALL,
    I had bad experience with LG products like everyone. I had 3 LG DVD recorders all of them had stopped working exactly month after warranty had expired. Something similar with my Fridge but least not so dramatic as most people posted here. That light bulb just had gone bye bye and when I checked it’s a STONE AGE INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULB 40 WATT. I believe if it would be a 60 watt I could have the same trouble. Anyways It seems that LG have ingenious Obsolete Engineers. All of this proved me that LG brand is only stealing money and selling crap to everyone. (Thanks to all of ya I wont buy new fancy expensive LG 3D TV).
    Thank you all.

  206. Well, we are adding our name to the list today too. Last night we came home to find our light melting off the ceiling of our LG fridge (purchased in Feb 2006). Luckily we caught it in time. LG is sending someone to replace the board for the light. Ironically, we alsoreceived a mailing today from a lawyer preparing a class action lawsuit against LG> Has anyone else seen this? It is COnnie McLennan et al v LG Electronics USA, and it about this exact issue. You can learn more at this address: http://www.mclennansettlement.com. Not sure if I am going to join this or not, but I am annoyed that LG hasn’t taken responsibility to recall these before serious fires started!

  207. Just wanted to chime in on the same chorus. This fridge is from 2007. Took out bulbs and just sent an email to customer service (being middle of the night Saturday) asking them to fedex new parts.

    • Hey mark, take lots of pictures. When this happened to my fridge it melted the panel above the lights and foam was showing through. There was no fixing my fridge. I sent pictures to the ESA which is the Electrical Standards Association with a nice explanation. They were of little help, but at least the complaint was made. I told LG that they were lucky that we were home or their insurance would have been paying for a new house, due to the fact of all of the complaints that I have read online concerning this problem.

  208. Michael Payne Says:

    After I contacted LG with this problem they sent a technician around with parts, he replaced the melted parts and installed a new circuit board with a thermostat that shuts off the lights if they are on for too long. I was impressed with the service they provided. another good fix is to replace the 2 x 60 watt bulbs with smaller bulbs or with LED light bulbs which generate no heat.

  209. Also want to report that we have had the same problem. I replaced light fixture and both door switches and lights still stay on. We purchased in 2007.

    • The switches are just sensors that send a signal to the main controller which is microprocessor based, to turn on the lights. This MPU is what gets locked up, a power-cycle of the fridge usually resets it (power cord unplug). My situation was worse than most, I have a solar powered home and even if the power goes out my fridge always has uninterrupted power whereas most home experience local power “blips”, momentary drop in the power to their homes which resets the fridge.

  210. I also had the issue with the lights staying on. It was on so long the inside of the fridge melted and cracked. After weeks of going back and forth with customer service they agreed to refund the full purchase price of my refrigerator. It is model number LFX25960ST purchased in 2007.

    For details go to: http://lgfridge.blogspot.com/

    Be sure to fully document the issue. Take pictures of the damaged fridge, spoiled food, detailed notes explaining what happened and how you discovered the problem. Document all calls to customer service, EVERY WORD. Dates, time, who you spoke to, how long you were on hold. Insist on speaking to a supervisor. Your goal is to reach the defective returns department. They can issue a replacement or full refund. Don’t settle for a partial payment if there is damage to the fridge.

    Let LG know you are aware that others are having problems and several class-action lawsuits have been filed against LG.

    This fridge is a safety hazard. Report your problem to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. This is the direct site to file a report: https://www.saferproducts.gov/CPSRMSPublic/Incidents/ReportIncident.aspx . Keep pushing for your refrigerator to be replaced (the replacement fridge will have a 90 day parts and labor warranty and the remainder of your warranty from the original purchase date). I didn’t agree to the warranty and insisted on a full refund, they agreed.

    My experience with LG customer service was fairly good, better than expected.

    Good luck!

  211. Same thing happened to me today. Open the frig and the hot dog were ready to eat. I used a towel to unscrew the light and waited a few hours to bring the frig back to the normal temp. I lost food. My model is LR FD 22850ST. Trying to get help

  212. Great, called LG and they fixed the problem with no cost even though my frig was out of warranty. Its a known problem and instead of making recall they fix it when the problem occurs.

  213. Michael Parker Says:

    this evening we noticed the extremely hot temperatures in the upper section of the inside of our LFC25760. the two factory-installed 60W bulbs remained on even after i pressed the two push-switches (which simulated closing of the doors) – the temperature indicator did shut off as it was supposed to, but the bulbs remained on even after waiting for nearly 60 seconds!. assuming the problem was from the micro-circuitry, i tried pulled the plug and re-inserted it into the electric socket after waiting nearly 40 seconds. usually most electronics reset themselves after this type of “reboot” but not this refrigerator. I turned off the unit and let the bulbs cool so I could take them out.

    AFTER reading this post and realizing that my problem was not unique, I called the LG’s customer service number 800-243-0000 and spoke with a (not too friendly) rep. without much hesitation, he told me that he would schedule a technician come and look at the problem within two days. Since I expected a hassle, i became curious when this LG rep said their company would send the technician at their cost to remedy the problem. I asked “have you had others call for same problem?” He curtly replied “we are aware of the situation. that’s why you are getting a technician to come to you without cost to you, eventhough you’re out of warranty.”

    an inner voice is telling me that this will be the last time i consider a LG product in the future.

    • michael Parker Says:

      a technician from a local appliance repair company responded to LG’s call. I had taken time off from work to accommodate the technician only to find out that he was just there to see what was happening. He said he would order the part and return at a future date. I wonder why LG would not have told them to be prepared and supplied to handle this type of situation before the technician’s arrival.

      Now we have to wait until the tech returns with the LG parts… so we spend our days waiting with a refrigerator that is dark. Well at least I am lucky this LG unit didn’t get the opportunity to melt the insides or cause a fire. ha ha ha .

      • michael Parker Says:

        Although I had a bad perception of the LG representative when I initially made the call to alert them of the problem, I will say that nearly two weeks after the call was made, the problem was resolved. I was a bit annoyed that the technicians that were sent by LG did not have the necessary parts to fix the problem on the first visit, but I am happy that the issue is resolved. I HOPE I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE WITH THIS REFRIGERATOR.

  214. jim selby Says:

    I have an LG 23760SB three door unit. Have not had a light problem yet! Noticed There was a referance to two 120v 60 watt bulbs. Mine has factory 120v 40 watt appliance bulbs installed. Just wondering if these failures are with 40’s or 60’s? This appears to be a serious problem with these units. I can understand that people are conserned, so am I.

  215. Art Valentine Says:

    Exactly the same thing has happened to my LFC25760SW this past weekend. Opened the door in the morning and was greeted with hot air and the smell of melting plastic. Not to mention a jar full of cooking mayonnaise. LG is sending someone at their cost on Friday even though my refrigerator is 6 years old, So they are definately aware of the problem. It took 2 days for the smell to leave my fridge. That smell was awful!

  216. I had the same problem. When I called LG they said there was a recall on this fridge before I even told him which fridge I had. Obviously there are multiple recalls.They sent out a tech right away at no cost.

  217. We have LG model number LFX25960ST. Opened the fridge tonight and the contents were hot. My husband removed the lightbulbs, which were not turning off when the doors closed. I have been reading the previous posts and found that this is not an unusual problem. A lot of the post are pretty old. Does anyone know if anything has been resolved with either a class action suit or a recall from LG?

  218. Art Valentine Says:

    All I can tell you Shelley is that LG sent a very nice repairman to my house on Friday Feb. 17 and he replaced everything containing and including the light bulbs, The plastic housing, The lens and the temperature selector. Basically everything in the top of my refrigerator. Then he replaced a pretty large circuit board in the back of the refrigerator. This was all done for no cost to me and thats all I really wanted in the first place.

  219. Art Valentine Says:

    Shelly, I am no longer under warrenty. I went to the LG website and did the whole thing using email and I got the appointment set up in less than an hour after the emails started. I actually couldnt believe it went so smoothly. I did have to show my original sales reciept to the repairman, So if you have that you should have no problems.

  220. So add me to this very long list. Woke up today to the melted mess. They are sending a repair person out this week at no cost to us. But what about the food that was lost? She said at this time they are not covering loss of food? Just thankfully this didn’t happen while we were away on vacation…

  221. WOW, Mine went today. I woke up and noticed the light fixture assembly was dislodged. Some of my food was warm. i feel lucky it was Sunday and I was around in the morning.
    I will call the number tomorrow.

  222. Noticed this morning that the refrigerator door was warm prior to opening. Discovered spoiled food within and that extreme heat was coming from the top light. The plastic housing was melting, and had “popped” away from the top of the refrigerator.

    We also noted that there was a small amount of light escaping the closed doors, and are fearful that the heat may have effected the gasket of the doors.

    My husband was able to remove the bulbs, and we discovered that the sockets already were charred and showed evidence of burning. We have photographed the mechanism.

    Contacted LG customer service, and they stated that the part was defective and that it would be replaced free of charge. The service representative could only do what he was allowed, so it was useless to try to pursue further.

    We were getting ready to leave for work. I can only imagine the damage this may have further caused had we been away.

    Now we are inconvenienced to wait for a repair service. Honestly, I don’t know if I trust this refrigerator or the future replacement part. Amazing that they do not offer to pay for food spoilage, cost for garbage pick up, time to wait for services and repairs or the excessive electricity that this energy star refrigerator has used.

    I will never purchase an LG appliance again. I am also amazed that this hasn’t made the news.

  223. Tammy Hewlett Says:

    We just had this happen to us night before last. While we were sleeping.. We bought ours at home depot 5 years ago.. I saw this and was shocked to hear this has happened to do many people. With what the thing cost it seems cheaper is better after all.. We are very upset and wonder what’s next.. We lucked out there wasn’t a big fire but still a mess with what has happened..

  224. Mine just did the melting bulbs thing. I too, was shocked when I googled it. I was lucky to be home when it happened. LG was very helpful when I contacted them today. Repairman will come in 6 days and it will be free of charge. Not sure how long I’ll keep the refrigerator. Makes me nervous. I bought it in the spring of ‘2006. Until now it’s had no other problems.

  225. Thomas Beard Says:

    My LG 25960 has done this twice… The first time I assumed that I had left the door open, but this time I know it was closed. It was east to remove the casing since it was melted and I have unplugged the light… If there is a suit I want in! I work in TV so I will be making some calls to the news and complaining to the CPSC.

    Bottom line for me is that a repair is not enough. I do not trust LG to fix this issue at all. I want my money back so I can buy a GOOD refrigerator…

    • David Lewton Says:

      Mine went haywire about 3 1/3 years ago. I couldn’t even get them to come out and look at it. I ended up changing to low watt bulbs, ditched the bulb covers, cut out the melted plastic and screwed the whole thing to the top of the refrigerator with sheet metal screws. I would like in on a class action lawsuit to get my money back from these crooks!!!

  226. My LG fridge just suffered the same fate a couple of days ago. Fortunately, only the items on the top shelf had started to warm and nothing was spoiled. After searching the web, I found that a class action lawsuit was filed, and a settlement with LG was recently reached. Those who already had their fridge repaired can get reimbursed 200% of the repair cost. Also, the warranty to cover current/future repairs is extended to 10 years from the purchase date (I called LG and have a repair guy coming in a couple of days).

    Check out this web page for further info and the site where you can file a claim: http://www.topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/1708-court-approves-kenmore-lg-refrigerator-class-action-settlement-

  227. Jason Patterson Says:

    Same as the hundreds above…The problem is still happening after 4 years of complaints. Last night I noticed light comming out of the bottom of the refrigerator doors, just above the freezer drawer. Opened the fridge and noticed the housing for the lights was melted and seperated from the top of the unit. THANK GOD I saw this as I was just about to go to sleep. I have two small children that sleep on that side of my house and a fire would have been more than devastating! I have removed the light bulbs and am awaiting response from LG…

    • I had an easy bake too! Says:

      Perhaps we should create a Facebook page called “LG – Recall your fridges, we didn’t buy an oven!”. All could post their pictures of their melted units and spoiled food. Who’s in?

      • Thomas Beard Says:

        Count me in! I am referring to this blog in response to my complaint to the cpsc. Lg puts the same canned response up on every complaint. This has gone on too long…

  228. Tom Krisanda Says:

    Ours just melted on 4-20-2012, called LG and they knew about problem but insisted there was no recall. Contacted by repair center said it would be several days due to parts being ordered. 4/24/2012 serviceman arrives, looks at melted light housing and says he’ll order the parts and call when he can return to repair. 5/04/2012 he returns and only replaces the melted housing and light sockets. I ask him where is the replacement pc board that caused the problem and he says I didn’t tell him anything about a bad board. I tell him I’m not the repairman and he should know that it needed the board. He says he can’t do anything about it now because LG won’t pay for another visit, that I will have to contact LG and file another case. Call LG and they issue me another case no. and tell me to call the repair center and have them call LG’s tech line to find out why proper procedure was not followed. Call repair center on Mon. 04,2012 and they say OK and I give them the new case no. to reference. Wait till 5-11-12 and no calls so I call service center to be put on with rude person who says refrigerator was repaired and thats it. Tells me LG would never say that and he doesn’t have to call anyone. I call LG back and get someone else who immediately knows which service center I am referring to when I say how rude I was treated. I tell her I was told the light and the offending board that causes the problem were supposed to be replaced. She turns around and says the fix is only for the melted light. I told her I was not satisfied with that and just because the light was working properly now it is only a matter of time before it happens again. Sorry it is fixed is there anything else I can do for you she says. Now from reading this blog I can see why they are cheaping out and only replacing the light due to them adding a thermistor to shut off the bulbs when the board sticks causing the light to stay on. Glad I found this blog but wow I can’t believe nothing has come of this fire hazard of a problem. Why do people have to die before something gets done?

  229. I was home all day working on the house, my wife went to stay at the beach and wanted me to come late. Thankfully I decided to stay home tonight, I went to get something from the LG fridge and it was almost on fire. the sockets brown and burning plastic. What are the odds of me staying home tonight? I will call our appliance repair monday. Food is ruined and the smell is so bad, I don’t think it will ever be back to normal.

  230. I called LG today about my fridge and they were pleasant enough. He said a tech will be out this Friday with a kit than includes a harness, plastics and controller board. I got his name and a case number just in case of a problem. He said this a known issue and there will be no charge

    I am not too worried about a fire because fire needs 1.oxygen, 2. heat 3.fuel. Take away one of these elements and fire will never start. So, the inside of a sealed fridge is the best place NOT to have a fire. LOL. Although, I don’t want to test my theory in my house! 🙂 Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_triangle

    PS thanks for putting up this site and all responders with your input!!!

  231. Pam Armstrong Says:

    Just returned from a two week vacation and needed to clean out the refrigerator. I noticed the oj seemed warm and thought that one of the kids left the door slightly ajar. It is 100 F in the DC area today. Then, I realized the whole top shelf was heating up and the plastic housing around the lights was melting and brown! The butter was turning into mush and liquid in the upper butter compartment! Now, I am reading this blog and realize that this is a serious problem for many consumers and I am shocked that I have been contacted regarding a recall. I called LG today and they said it was covered under the warranty. i thought it was strange, since the manuel says only one year coverage after purchase. I hope the repairman calls me back tomorrow. I did remove the cover over the lightbulbs and bulbs and the refrigerator has cooled down. What if this had happened last week while we were away? FIRE!

  232. eddie wayne Says:

    does anyone know if this is a recall or who we should contact about this problem. yesterday my wife smelleed smoke and when we opened the door on the fridge we found out why.all the food was hot and the bulb sockets were so hot they turned brown and were so hot we had to unplug the fridge so i could remove them.the plastic cover was melted and i checked the switches for the lights.this could burn a house down and from comments here it looks like LG may be in for a class claim when someone is seriously hurt

  233. Jenny Kein Says:

    It happened to me today 7/24/2012. I got back from work and went to get a drink of water… and SMELT burning from the fridge! I noticed the casing around the light was sort of open and at first i thought maybe something in the fridge bumped it out of place but then saw that it was in fact warped and REALLY hot. Not only was food spoiled, but my brother’s insulin supplies were heated. We switched off the circuit breaker that controlled the fridge. Thank goodness I was thirsty.. or who know what would have happened. Our unit is an LFC25760 We are going to call the electronics store we got the unit from and see what they can do for us. I am curious to find out whether they have heard of this issue before. We’ve only had the fridge for maybe 3-4 years. Crazy thing is, we have an ancient Amana fridge down in the cellar that while it leaks a bit works quite well and serves as a back up. It seems impossible to get anything that does not fall to pieces within a couple of years anymore.

  234. Same here – LFX25960ST failed this week after 6 years. Melted everything in the light housing, even bubbling the inner lining of the fridge. LG repairing at their expense.

  235. Thomas Beard Says:

    LG responded to my complaint with the same response as everyone else… I tried to object but was shot down by the CPSC and thier response is still there. I do not know how to start a class action suit but if someone does, count me in!

    i SYTILL do not trust my “Repaired” LG…

  236. I posted on 7/9 complaining about the same issue and they had it fixed in less than a week. If you notice this is happening to you, UNSCREW THE BULBS so you can still use the fridge. Please call the number on the inside of the Fridge. They are well aware of the issues and repairing when called in. People are talking about a class action law suit but I don’t think the “class” in this case is large enough. Plus, they are repairing at no charge even way past the warranty.

    To clarify, the problem is not the lights but rather than the relay that controls the lights. Sort of like the relay that controls the blinker in your car. The relay was far undersized in this LG case and it shorts out and gets stuck in the “on” position causing the overheating/melting. The fix is to replace the computer controller board (this fridge is all computer controlled, like most things these days) which has a much larger relay. The tech showed me old board and replacement and the relay on the new one is about twice the size. He also replaced the housing plastics and harness. He was also cool enough to fix some other things at no charge. That was really nice of him and he really knew his stuff (I guess he used to own an appliance repair shop before.) Anyhow… would I buy and LG appliance in the future? Probably not but I’m glad they took care of this.

    • I had an easy bake too! Says:

      There is a class action. I got notified via mail. Google it. It is supposed to cover all customer repair costs. My incident rendered our fridge Irrepairable. They gave us about 65% of our $$ back on our 3 yr old fridge. Which meant I had to kick in $700 more for a new fridge. Not to mention the temporary new one we had to put another $500 to buy to tie us over for 2 mos while LG had holiday, implemented a new warranty system and time to pull their head out of their clavin to find out what they were going to do with the 400lb black metal box that sat in my kitchen. Our event happened Dec 2009 in the middle of a Midwest winter. So the $1200 out of pocket didn’t even include food spoilage. I’ll be sending my class action form in. This is a known issue for 6 years! My LG dishwasher was a POS that never worked from the beginning. I just hope my LG stove and microwave don’t take a crap. I’ll never buy an LG appliance again. I just regret doing our entire kitchen in LG when we built our home.

      • I stand corrected! Here is the link… http://tinyurl.com/bngcxms

        I can’t believe LG “denies any wrongdoing” !! What!? That really ticks me off!! How is installing an undersized relay on their controller not wrongdoing!? Did a ferry come in one night and swap it out!?? Give me a break. Before I was on the fence about LG now I will NEVER buy another one of their products!!

  237. Just checked back to this site to see what’s been happening. I want to report that I am quite happy with my replacement LG refrigerator, (one year old now) and I’m not sure why more of you haven’t insisted on a brand-new one after your meltdown. If the inner lining is damaged, don’t accept a repair! And, as noted, I refused to accept a $600 settlement for a $2000 refrigerator. LG caved immediately.

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