LG, I want a refund on this Fridge…

I just want to post a few reviews I found on this LG Fridge.


Overnight, during the 2007 Holiday Season, the lights stayed on inside our 4-1/2 month old French Door LG refrigerator. In the morning we found the light sockets scorched and the plastic cover over the lights melted. The whole refrigerator smelled like scorched plastic, forcing us to throw out any food that wasn’t in a jar!
Concerned of the hazard to ourselves and our home, we contacted LG immediately – what if this had happened while we were away?
LG suggested the obvious and told us to contact their repairman, which we had already done. Still in shock with their response, we went to Home Depot to report the incident and were told there was nothing they could do & we had to work through LG. We later found out our complaint had not made it past the “salesperson.”
The LG Repairman replaced the “defective parts” but could not guarantee the “fix” & neither will LG. (The “fix” was explained as replacing a circuit board & putting a thermostat in the refrigerator that will turn the lights out if it gets too warm in the fridge. When it cools down, the lights regain power.) HOW SAFE IS THAT FOR OUR FOOD?
We emailed the company and their response was they would replace the lost food if we could provide them with a receipt! Again, they couldn’t guarantee the incident would not recur! Not one word of concern!
Sent our story and pictures to LG CUSTOMER INTERACTIVE CENTER in Huntsville, Alabama on December 31st – NO RESPONSE.

February, 2008 – Back to Home Depot to report LG’s lack of response & our having a “new problem” of the ice maker not working. Our hope was that Home Depot would stand behind us and get this defective, hazardous refrigerator out of our home!

A week after the manager contacted LG, and another call from Home Depot, LG did send an order to the repairman to replace the defective ice maker. This is when we found our “convection” oven motor needed to be replaced in the LG stove we purchased the same time we purchased the fridge. YEOW! What next?

Again, we called LG – this time, about the stove. While on the phone, we discussed the fridge and their response was that LG would “consider” replacing the frige if we have three “legitimate” complaints? (We’re now at Number Two + One stove complaint!!) WE HAVE YET TO RECEIVE ANY KIND OF APOLOGY OR NOTE OF CONCERN! Contacted Home Depot’s manager to report latest incident – said there was nothing they could do – was told that no matter who we talked to at Home Depot the answer would be the same – again, no concern!

In the meantime, we have been forced to use our old, dependable 15-year old refrigerator in the garage to house anything that isn’t in a jar; and, because of the unreliability of our LG icemaker, purchasing bags of ice!

NOTE: This is not the original refrigerator delivered! The first one (delivered in July, 2007) had a small scratch in the door, and we offered for LG to just replace the door. We were told it was “against their policy to leave a defective product in a customer’s home” but would “allow us to use the one delivered” until the new one arrived. Obviously their policy has changed since they are “unconcerned” about a fire hazard.

Fortunately, we had purchased extended warranty, but are sorry we spent over $4,000 for their microwave, stove, dishwasher & fridge! WE ARE WONDERING “WHY IS ANYONE SELLING PRODUCTS FROM A COMPANY THAT OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER’S SAFETY?”


P.S. I must note that my spouse is totally disabled with an intestinal disorder – obviously, the quality of her food is imperative (as should it be for all of us!)
I bought the same fridge when we re-modeled our kitchen. We spent around $40,000 on the total kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite, etc.The one thing I wanted I told my wife was a refrigerator that I could get nice cold filtered water from the door. This is the fridge we bought.After running 20 gallons of water through the filter, the directions said to run 5 gallons, but the water tasted identical to tap water and after speaking with LG Customer Service we were told to try more, the taste was still the same.My neighbor has a water tester. It will tell you how many particulates per million is in the water. Our tap water has roughly 400 per million… guess what? SO DOES OUR WATER FROM THE “PREMIUM FILTERED” LG FRIDGE! … and it tastes just as crappy.So I called LG again, they sent a technician out who told me there was nothing wrong with the refrigerator, but put a new filter in non-the-less. We again ran gallons of water thought the thing and with the exact same crappy water result.If you are looking for a fridge with nice filtered water LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!!!
I now get the blow off when I call LG. I had the kitchen built around this fridges size so I am pretty much stuck.

If you are looking for a company that will stand behind their product LOOK ELSEWHERE!!! I have had nothing but poor service from LG.

I am now told that if I want it looked at again I have to pay for the technician if they can find nothing wrong with the fridge. When I ask why the water is exactly the same as tap water they have no legitimate response.

I will never buy another LG product.

I won’t rehash the other reviews here, except to say that if you’ve never bought an extended warranty on an appliance before, you might want to reconsider if you buy this LG. Thermistor went out after six months, leaving us with no refrigeration. That was fixed under warranty…but at month 13, we noticed the top portion was quite warm (again), but the freezer was cold. A day later, there was a distinct burning smell coming from this section. After some investigation, it turns out that the lights (120 watts worth) were not turning off after the doors were closed! The lamp reflector showed obvious signs of melting and burn marks, and the lamp cover was completely warped out of shape.LG will not sell parts direct to the consumer. After much Internet digging, I found a website called Parts Store that had the main computer board for $75 (search the site for PCB with your model number). It takes about 15 minutes to replace, and the lights are working again. This would probably have been a $300 repair with labor charges and parts markup.Buyer beware on this one, as looks can be deceiving. I would suggest that if you have this refrigerator, you go ahead and buy the main PCB now so you will have one available when you need it.


Good Points: Nice looking! Stainless Fridge on top

Bad Points: Used less than 1 year but purchase date was 1 year 10 days(no warranty). Lights are in control panel on top of fridge. Lights stayed on for maximum of 3 hours melted plastic control panel anchors (C.P. falling into fridge). melted plastic control panel cover. Drawer slides are plastic have broken! This happened 5 months after use.

General comments: This is Korean manufactured plastic garbage. Buyer beware, I bought top of line LG dishwasher micro-hood, range, fridge, LCD tv and I am happy with none of it. As a local contractor, I will buy no more of these products. Uneven temperature on range no constants/lcd tv picture stinks/Fridge as have stated above/Fan on Microhood cfms not as claimed poor exhaust, have not used microwave portion, scared to. Customer service is poor!



17 Responses to “LG, I want a refund on this Fridge…”

  1. wizbandit Says:

    I was in Home Depot this weekend so I decided to go look inside the latest LG Fridges and GUESS WHAT! They now have LED lighting inside, I WONDER WHY?

  2. yep. i have the same easy bake oven problem, it’s frightening!
    has anyone out there have LG replace their fridge with a new, safer model? that is the only way i think i will be able to sleep at night.

  3. First it started with the ice maker leaking into the freezer. Then #4 button not working and the range top replaced. Then more numbers not working on range, then the start button, and finally the up/down buttons for the burners. Range looked great sitting useless in the kitchen. It now decorates my garage while I am using a borrowed range. LG refuses to do anything about it except help me to find one of their “repairmen” and take my money for parts and labor. They act like I am the only person to ever have had problems with their appliances. Here is how I dealt with it: I contacted the Better business bureau. They need to hear from you! I believe the panel is defective and have read several complaints online that are identical to mine. Please email your story to: info@trenton.bbb.org subject line: Attn: Janice
    The more people that formally file a complaint, the more power we have to correct the problem. Thank-you

  4. I just had the light burning incident! Did you get your fixed?
    I cannot stand this LG product. The freezer looks like Supermans crystal frost palace! Thanks for the info, I got it to turn off!

    • wizbandit Says:

      Yep, they replaced the melted lense and I put LED bulbs in it instead of the two 60watt bulbs.

  5. We got the same problem…problems should a say will the fridge, stove,dishwasher and the microwave… after 7 months of back and forth… not having the fridge repaired and no dishwasher for 4 months ( I have MS and hot water is not good for me, give my symptoms) LG finally give us our money back for all 4 appliances but we are still in battle about the $5000 worth of medications that I lost when that thing melted down.. it is with their legal dep. at this point so will see..We going next week shopping for new appliances…

  6. Donald Amarescu Says:

    Just had our LG refrig lite stay on . I happened to spot it at night , seeig lite between the doors so no damage done. This seems to be a safty hazard since bottles on the top shelve were hot. They will not back it up.This is a hazzard and should be recalled. If only we manufactured in the USA again. Do not purchase LG products. Only after loseing sales will they be responsive to the customer.

  7. Raymond Drewett Says:

    Not very encouraging news! I too came home to an easy-bake yesterday and though I’ve yet to contact LG (It was Sunday when I noticed the grilled cheese baking under the lights, assuming I won’t get a human until Monday) the cavalier attitude of LG as expressed in this forum doesn’t sound good

  8. Susan Myers Says:

    In the middle of the night, my dogs woke me up. Good thing, because there was a smell coming from our LG refrigerator (french door, bottom freezer). We, too, experienced the light bulbs not turning off. As others have experienced, the plastic panel melted off, the control panel was hanging down, and the light sockets turned brown, nearly starting a fire. I’ve called Home Depot, where we purchased the LG refrigerator. They are working on the problem, and hopefully, we will have a resolution.
    This is the second major problem we’ve had with this LG unit. Shortly after the first year, the refrigerator malfunctioned with the motherboard going out, causing the defrost fan to fail. We were without a frig for nearly a month. However, Home Depot resolved the problem, successfully. LG would not stand behind their product, until Home Depot intervened. Home Depot is very helpful with standing behind the product they sell. LG, however, has a major problem with this model refrigerator.

  9. I am having same problem with LG they don’t care about follow up or customer service- I will complain to Best Buy but each company shifts the blame- Given the high cost of these major appliances you would think that the makers would stand behind their products- LG does not anyone know who does???

  10. Kevin Kayden Says:

    This is incredible. The next day after reading about the light staying on I found that my Sears Kenmore fridge (model 795.7771) was doing the same thing. And yes, the two 60-watt bulbs and plastic were very hot. It hadn’t had time to do any more damage so I was fortunate, and also fortunate that I read this story and knew to be concerned about this. Now I’ve found a site that listed 23 other people with the exact same problem for the model I have. Also, and this is something neat I just found out, apparently Kenmore and LG are manufactured by the same company.

    The Kenmore and LG Elite Trio Refrigerators had a recall back in 2005 when there were 83 complaints because of a faulty component that could short-circuit the condensor fan, causing it to overheat and possibly cause a fire. It sounds like these refrigerators are due for another recall over this lightbulb issue. I would hope people would notify LG and/or Sears if this has happened to them, as this obviously is a safety issue.

    Another little bit of information is that the “Energy Star” rating on any consumer product might not be accurate, apparently people need to check it with a “Kill-A-Watt” meter within the warranty period to find out. Unfortunately for me I learned too late, although I haven’t checked mine.

  11. Brett Cameron Says:

    The same just happened to us! I’m found this site doing a web search to see if this is a recurring problem. . .I guess it is!( of course we are just out of the warrenty period) Is there no method for product recall? I can’t believe this is happening to so many people. Luckily we identified it just after it happened, but I am still very disappointed. I think we paid almost $2000 CND for the stainless version of this fridge from Futureshop. If this had happened at the end of the night when we were going to bed, I’m sure we would have a huge amount of damage to our house. I can safely say this is our last LG fridge! I am filing a complaint with the CSA in Canada.

  12. I had the same problem with the plastic cover that goes over the lamps
    has melted and fell off, you could actually smell the plastic burn! What a piece of crap, the frigde is only 2 years old, this is a safety concern and why haven’t they recalled the product??? Model nbr LFC22760ST
    I will never buy another LG anything, the price of this frigde is 2200.00

  13. We just experienced the same problem with the lights staying on. Melted the top bolts and the lighting assembly was haning inside the fridge. Ruined a lot of our food. LG said we were out of warranty and to call one of their authorized reps. We did and they wanted 99.00 to fix – after reading these posts I called and cancelled the repair. I’ll live without a light. At least the unit won’t burn down my house. I am disappointed that LG isn’t standing behind their products.

  14. I have really two complients, the first one is the Frig! This will be my 3rd or 4th problem just with the Ice Maker! I know it has been replaced at least 4 times counting the original! For some reason LG or who ever can’t seem to get the problem solved. Believe you me, I’m really trying to be nice about the entire problem. But know my patients is wearing very thin!Plus that is not counting the other number of problems that I have. That would probably take me writing a novel.

    Second, is the dishwasher. It is finally working properly at present! But, everything electrical and pump system as been replaced. Like I said, “It is finally working.” Go a three (3) year contract on extended warrenty. No one wants to replace anything! I’m ready to go to court on this one! If you know what I mean!

  15. Jeanette Knepp Says:

    I have LG refrigerator LFX25960st purchased in 2006. My lights just burned up. Thankfully I was home and caught it before it caught on fire. My light sockets are black and the plastic housing is melted around the light. It broke off when I tried to take off the cover because it was all melted. Everything on top shelf was hot to the touch. My warranty just ran out. This refrigerator cost me $2300.00, the most I have ever paid for a refrigerator. I am afraid to use it now. What else will catch on fire?

  16. We’ve had the light problem 3 x with our LG refrigerator. It was Home Depot that made LG fix it. Had it not been for Home Depot, there would have been a refrigerator and sign in my front yard. The sign would read, “Consumer beware of LG refrigerators!” We will never purchase another LG, again. My neighbor, also, purchased an LG refrigerator and had major problems in the three years she owned it. She, recently, purchased a Whirlpool, after 3 major repairs in 3 years. Avoid LG refrigerators

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