Advanced Energy GC-1000 Grid-tie Inverters Wanted

I’m looking for any burned-up, non-functional GC-1000 grid tie inverters built by Advanced Energy.  Also I’m looking for the AM100 control monitor as mine has become brain-dead and needs to have its MPU re-flashed.  I can also repair these as I have all the parts needed and the engineer repair schematics BUT it won’t be cheap.  Around $500-$900 per unit with a 30 day warranty.


12 Responses to “Advanced Energy GC-1000 Grid-tie Inverters Wanted”

  1. I have two GC 1000’s. One is still working fine, however the other is not.
    Do you have any advice for troubleshooting It?

  2. wizbandit Says:

    I had two of them given to me and both are NFG. The biggest problem was wires burning from the transformer on the power board at the faston quick-connects. The other was lightning smoking the MPU which I don’t yet have the code to make any new ones.

  3. jeff windle Says:

    i need 2 parts for my gc1000 inverter.
    1.) gfi/dc disconnect & ac disconnect breaker box
    2.) 30A dc terminal board

    if you would need pics; i can send them to you.
    hope you can help me out.

    • wizbandit Says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have any more of the GFI Breakers. Many had the handles snapped off from removing the cover and catching them. I found some on ebay a few years ago but the seller wanted $25 each for them.

  4. I’ve got a GC1000 that is power cycling, and switching over to the “Three Blink” error several times per day. Any suggestions?

    • Yep, the AC sense resistors, if memory is correct are 1/8W 100K ohm and they are bad. 3 blinks means “bad AC line” or waiting on AC good.

      • Actually, if it runs for a while then goes to 3 blinks it could be dirty contacts on the 10A glass fuse, bad connections on the AC terminal block, loose or corroded wiring from the Inverter to the breaker in the panel box, check all for clean n tight or the resistors,

  5. ON the subject of GC-1000, I have two inverters. Each inverter has a set of 4 panels, One of the inverters repeatedly blows its 30A fuse. The other inverter works fine.
    Comments? thoughts?

    • wizbandit Says:

      Blowing the DC 30a fuse usually is a sign the power MOSFETS are shorted or being kept turned on, which means a dead MPU chip. I lost the code to program new MPU’s and the POWER FETS are not cheap. Usually when they go they take out the FET driver OPTO-ISOLATOR as well.

  6. Leif Lindbergh Says:

    P.S. Can you read the firmware off a known good MPU?

    Just Curious

    • wizbandit Says:

      I have the .HEX files somewhere… I have been trying to find where I archived them… I think the LOCK BIT is set on most production units.

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