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Solar Project Update

Posted in Solar Power on September 8, 2008 by wizbandit

The past 10 days have been exhausting, a lot of work in 95 degree heat out in the garage and out at the Solar Tracker Farm.  The “Solar Power Wall” in the garage was built, painted and outfitted with various solar electric equipment.  It’s now 90% finished, I still have to relocate the “whole house” 5.3KVA Best Power UPS to the far end of the wall.  I do some R&D work for Apollo Solar, here are my two Apollo T80 MPPT charge controllers, the one on the left is for testing various solar related things I’m working on.  My current project is an intelligent interface between the T80 and Trace/Xantrex SW series of inverters.  It’s a bit difficult getting the inverters and the T80 to SELL power efficiently without them interacting.


I have a master combiner box where all the six panel arrays come in to a KLKD 10amp DC fuse.  All the arrays then get combined and sent to a disconnect switch, from there they go to a Ground Fault Protection Device (GFPD)  The GFPD was formally known as a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI), So as not to confuse the issue as all homes have GFI’s in the AC panel box the GFPD was named for the DC protection device.


I have modified all three tracking arrays to hold 12 panels.  This required a lot of steel supports to be added to the underside.  I also changed the counter balance spring mounts using a porch swing “buckle”.  This works very well, it swivels East to West and also during seasonal tilting.


19 SEPT 2008:  One of the last of two major projects has been completed.  The move of the 5.3Kva Ferrups UPS that powers all the 15A wall outlets and lighting circuits.  It’s new home is on the far end of the new Solar Wall.

I’m Frazzeled and I will complete this report later.

My favorite place to buy Solar Equipment is from Maverick Solar.


My twelve Kyocera KC-120 panels were purchased from AriStar Solar, Give Lee Walker a call if you need anything.