MORE is BETTER! Solar Power That is!

Solar Power Tracker #4 went ON-LINE this past Weekend on temporary wiring.  I still have to dig the conduits back to the main junction box where the home runs are.  Since I have the construction down to a semi-fine science I timed the construction of number four, working at a daily pace with 90% of the materials needed on-site.  The time required, 10 days from start to power-up.

Base construction.


For now I only have six Kyocera KC130’s to put on it.  I have 24 Siemans SR90 Photovoltaic panels from my orginial roof setup, 4 are now on tracker #4 feeding my Advanced Energy GC-1000 grid-tie inverter still mounted on tracker #2.  I’m thinking I need to move it.  Since I don’t own enough PhotoWatt PV panels to make six panel arrays, just eight still on the roof feeding the old four panel array system, I’m going to put all eight on a smaller tracker just for the GC-1000 to use.



One Response to “MORE is BETTER! Solar Power That is!”

  1. Great job on the solar Jim! Keep up the good work.

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