This Comment Needs Serious Interpretation.

That’s unfortunate. Just because some kids went on your lawn and stole some signs? Just because “Joe the Plumber” in his fictional scenario would see taxes increase slightly because Obama decided not to continue the already-here Federal “Make Us Richer” tax cuts? Just because your candidate lost?

I’m not going to debate this with you on your (or my) blog, but it’s a surprisingly immature attitude of “taking my ball and going home” mentality from an adult.


First off, I was going to take the signs down the day after anyhow, By someone taking my signs it was nothing more than a member of the Obama tribe “rubbing my nose in the Obama Feces”.

And obviously this guy has not been paying attention.  I admit, I lost the game, I went home, but the BALL I took home was NOT my BALL, it was HIS.  You see, I had no Basketball, he has many, many Basketballs.

Someone TOOK one of HIS Basketballs and gave it to ME, even though I didn’t WIN, I didn’t work for it, nor did I give him ANYTHING in return.  This is the EXACT same thing Obama is going to do, he is just going to do it with DOLLARS.


One Response to “This Comment Needs Serious Interpretation.”

  1. The “ball” I was referring to was your renewable energy business, not your money. But let’s drop the ball metaphor for a minute, because it’s obviously clouding the issue.

    At a time when you, of all people, have to know we’re going to be moving to renewable energy in a huge way, you decided to take your extensive knowledge of solar installation and keep it to yourself. It disappoints me, because according to your last post, you decided to effectively wall yourself off from our economy completely for the next four years because of what you somehow gleaned from Obama’s tax plan.

    Which, of course, begs the question: have you bothered to read the tax plan, or have you taken McCain’s talk about “tenets of Socialism” too seriously? It’s truly difficult to tell, because you seem incredibly angry about something that hasn’t even happened yet.

    Do what you like, of course, I just think it’s unfortunate that you’d deny others the use of your expertise in renewable energy.

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