My First Post of the New Year…

I’m behind on posting, it seems the Holiday Season gets hectic-er every year. Here is a brief summary on whats happening.

We have decided to go ahead with our Solar Company officially known as “J-Tech Solar Electric (dba)”.  The parent company is J-COM Enterprises, inc., one of our registered Florida Corporations.  The link to the J-Tech Solar page is at the right –>.

We are in the process of lining up suppliers and setting up accounts.  We have our business Insurance and Bonding all done. Man, I just can’t believe what is needed to run a legitimate business in Florida, state fees, each county you want to do business in wants a annual fee, company safety meetings just to name a few.

Last year in July I posted about my EV Ranger truck project.  I’m happy to report yesterday I picked up all the parts I need to complete the conversion except the batteries. A fellow EVer, Jerry Wagner over in Melbourne, FL decided not to do his conversion due to health issues.  He offered all of his parts for a fair price so I decided to just get everything he had instead of ordering the parts from a half dozen different places.


Here we have the DC motor for A/C and Power Steering pump and the 12 volt Vacuum pump, the LogiSystems 550A PWM Drive Motor Controller and the potbox:

mvc-423f1  mvc-424f1  mvc-427f2

The 2/O Welding cable, connectors and Battery terminal caps, two Kilovac contactors, 55A DC to DC converter to supply the existing 12 volt system in the Ranger, a nifty DC heater core for those freezing winter days and my CONVERT IT EV book :)-:

  mvc-431f1  mvc-426f1  mvc-425f1

Last, the Netgain 9″ WARP DC Traction Motor:


(I just found out the Logisystems 550A PWM controller has to go back to the factory for upgrades)


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