Here in Florida, our Governor worked hard to get our property taxes reduced. To this I say thank you Governor Charlie Crist.  We live about as far in the country as you can get in Pinellas County, FL.  We have 5.5 acres we purchased in 1996. Two things we have here to keep our county taxing authority in check are SOH (Save Our Homes) cap, which limits come much each county can JACK UP our property taxes and Homestead Exemption.  Our Homestead exemption was doubled to $50,000 this year.  The old exemption of $25,000 did little to reduce property taxes on a $500,000 home, even the $50k does not do much but I guess it helps on a $100,000 home.

  Now comes the counties in Florida, complaining about property tax revenues falling short of meeting present budgets.  Pinellas County, FL is no exception, they are “talking” of closing Parks and Libraries, reducing county services like Animal Control & Code Enforcement.

  To put this in some “real” numbers, our property taxes for 2007 on 5.56 Acres purchased in 1996 for $207,500 was about $3,000.  We have a few easements that help reduce our taxes, one being from the power company for some power lines across the north running the full length of our property and another from CTX Railroad who still has an easement across our property.  My neighbor, on his 2.43 Acres purchased in 2004 for $300,000 paid $5000 in 2007.

  As you can see, property taxes are horrendous here in Florida.  Now to what is PISSING ME OFF!

  Pinellas County was out mowing the road sides along my property this morning. Now, we have not had enough rain this month to even keep the dust down, It’s January in Pinellas County Florida, the grass on the road sides is NOT GROWING THIS TIME OF YEAR!!

Look here, roadside – my yard.


Now, does this look like it needs mowing?  I’m on the right side of the fence, I have not mowed nor watered this zone yet this year!

Here is the waste, look close, 3 mowers and a guy in an orange vest supervising. Mowing WHAT??  The DIRT?  Or maybe THE ROAD NEEDS MOWING?



This is a TOTAL WASTE of my TAX DOLLARS!  How about “THE HELL WITH ROADSIDE MOWING” and use this wasted tax money to keep a few Libraries open?


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