LG Fridge repaired but still a big POS

The LG repairman that finally came out to fix our melted light housing, he said the LG “Legal Department” sent him out.  All he did was to replace the melted lamp holder with a new one that has a thermo-switch on it.  The lights are working with the door switch again.  I’m thinking what happened is the lights are controlled by a Microprocessor and it got hung up and kept the lights on until someone discovered everything melted.  Power-cycling the unit, i.e. unplugging it probably resets the MPU.  With our house totally solar powered and the LG fridge on the solar inverter setup the power never gets removed from it.  I put two Lights of America “40” LED lamps in it, they use 1.5 watts each and run cool but they too are disappointing as they are quickly falling into my POS basket.


2 Responses to “LG Fridge repaired but still a big POS”

  1. Kevin Kayden Says:

    I just noticed that you said LG only replaced the lamp wire harness to one with a thermoswitch on it. According to the service bulletin on this issue, they were also supposed to replace the main PCB to one that has a bigger relay, part #6871JB1423N.

  2. Kathy Thompson Says:

    Over the last 3 years (after remodeling the kitchen) and replacing all appliances, we have gone through 2 LG refrigerators and 2 LG dishwashers. On the frig. factory defect in the lining of the freezer caused ice to build up. Replaced frig. Then in the new one the ice maker went out, then the panel board, then the fan. All factory defects, but they go by the date of the !st refrigerator we bought, not the replacement which was 6 mo. old, so they refused to do anything. The 1st. LG dishwasher went out after 6 months (motor) They replaced it and 7 months later the pump went out (again not under warranty) but WE fixed it. Then it started leaking but it went under the counter and leaked under the house and was not noticible until it had ruined our wood floors. LG wouldn’t even replace the part let alone the dishwasher. Our insurance company is suing them they say. NOW Today we noticed the milk in the frig was warm and the light bulbs in the frig melted the plastic cover around them. Thank God we noticed this before it started a fire! Needless to say we will NEVER buy ANYTHING LG makes and tell everyone that will listen the same thing. The sad thing is that after numerous attempts at getting hold of anyone decent at that company you come to realize that LG just plain doesn’t give a ____. They figure they’ll get enough 1st time customers. If anyone wants to go in on a class action suit against LG, I would be so happy to be contacted. They should change their name to LS for Life Sucks with LG

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