PHEV Prius gets a new POWER SOURCE

I finally have Prototype 1.0 of my DC-2-DC converter installed.  This converters runs off 12VDC nominal which allows use of conventional battery charging with inexpensive off-the-shelf chargers.  It’s a basic, simple 1000 watt converter I came up with using inexpensive parts.  The most expensive part is the 1000 watt Toroidal Transformer seen in the picture.  So far testing is going well, the converter only supplies 4-5 amps into the OEM Traction Battery so it does not function the same as the setup I had using 20 small 20Ah Pb batteries. The main thing is it IS transferring power from the added battery pack to the car assisting the ICE using electricity which is the main reason for the PHEV conversion.


I still have some more tweaking but it works using the CAN-View system that was installed with the 20 battery setup.  For testing I’m using two DEKA 55Ah AGM batteries.  The final setup will have six of these.


One Response to “PHEV Prius gets a new POWER SOURCE”

  1. Cool stuff. How do I calculate the length of time a 12V carbattery will run a 12V, 4.16Amp fan? Please reply to

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