A place for my RANTS & RAVES.


Born May 23rd, 1957 to Bertha Eva Doty & Robert Leland Parish, Ovid, NY

Email me at SOLARONE=AT=J-COM.NET    Remove the “=AT=” and replace with “@”

I received Photovoltaic Systems Installer training at the Florida Solar Energy Center.

I also have passed the Multi-Contact exam for proper assembly of their Solar Line MC connectors and I have all the tools to properly assemble them.


8 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. I’d really like to see your tracker system. We live in Tarpon Springs, and have a 2800 watt system on the roof. We’ve been living on solar and wind, then dealing in this stuff for the last 9 years.
    John (727) 943-0424

  2. Rich Handwerg Says:

    Thank you for the time you took to show me around your Prius conversion at the Orlando Hamfest. Nice job.
    Rich (N6YVW)

  3. Hi wizbandit, I like your setup I’m envious,
    I’m in Australia with plenty of sunlight but I still haven’t had a chance to set up a decent solar system.

  4. I hear that Obama is so BRIGHT, he will be able to recharge the nation’s solar systems…EVEN WHEN IT’S CLOUDY!

  5. Hey Jim,

    I tried to emial you to ask a question of your T80 performance but it gets bounced. Did your email change from the typing in the “About Me” section?


  6. William de Jong Says:

    Great Greetings Mr. Parish
    I am wondering about repairing a GC-1000SA inverter. Was that your postings about purchasing dead ones? Can you recommend a replacement model?

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